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Medicaid it helps you out in a time of need


**I personally don't have Mediciad/ Carolina Access II (what it is called in North Carolina), but I work for a doctor's office and I can tell you alot about this insurance.  First you have to qualify for it,by income, how many children you have etc.  You have to re-enroll yearly so that you can continue to keep being covered under Medicaid and social services will send you all of the necessary paperwork, you just have to supply them with your pay-stubs and fill out a few pages of paperwork.  If you are over twenty-one you have a three dollar copay.  There are a few types of Medicaid.  Carolina Access,which is the type where you have a primary care physician (PCP) listed on your card and you always have to go there or call them first, even after hours, to see what they want you to do they may be able to see you, or they could refer you to a specialist or an urgent care.  Where ever you go besides the PCP or the Emergency Room (ER) you will have to have a referral or authorization from your PCP.  If you are not able to get the referral you will be responsible for the payment when you are seen.  From what I am told Medicaid patients are unable to be billed so if no referral is obtained then then the patient will have to pay for the visit.  Regular Medicaid you do not have to have an authorization from your PCP.  Pregnancy Medicaid (MPWN) (Pink Medicaid) will only pay for pregnancy related visits. (MAFD) or family planning medicaid will only pay for visits related to that. When you sign up for Medicaid they give you a booklet that explains all of the rules and everything.  If you have any questions you can always contact your case worker.  Alot of people get angry with the doctors office's when they can't get a referral,but that is the rules.**

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