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Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck 7-Cup Rice Cooker

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Perfect Rice....Mostly


I never thought I needed a rice cooker, since making rice on the stovetop seems so simple.  But I found the Wolfgang Puck rice cooker while looking for a food steamer.  I loved that it came with a tiered steaming set up as well as the pot for cooking rice.  After looking through the included recipe booklet, I was impressed with the range of foods it could handle.  I've used it for jambalaya, as well as other rice cassarole type dishes.  While the keep warm setting seems like a nice feature to have, I've had problems with the bottom of my dish burning, especially if it has something with a high sugar content like tomato sauce in it.  I used it for sushi rice and removed the rice as soon as the timer went off, and it was perfect, however!  The steamer is great for vegetables or fish, and I plan on using it soon to steam tamales. Even if you think you don't need a rice cooker, this appliance is versatile enough to be very handy in the kitchen. Performance Does what it claims Ease of Cleaning The non-stick pot makes cleaning a breeze. The only thing that keeps it from a top rating would be all the seals and vents to clean. Ease of Use Super easy....just measure ingredients, push a button and forget about it! Durability I've had no problems with this product or its durability. Design Looks as nice as it works.

Alvin, TX


Wolfgang Puck rice cooker is not the best choice


I have tried and tried to perfect how to use this rice cooker but continue to problems. First of all I'm not new to using a rice cooker. My family eats a lot of rice (of all kinds- sushi rice, long grain, wild,etc).and had been using just a cheap Black and Decker rice cooker/veggie steamer for well over 10 years. My husband put it too close to my crockpot when it was on and it melted the plastic enough that it no longer sealed properly. So I searched for what I hoped would be a good replacement. Sadly, this rice cooker was not the best choice. It looks very stylish but the rice often sticks to the non-stick rice pot, it cooks unevenly and has even burned several batches of rice if left on the 'keep warm' setting'. The keep warm setting seems to be the exact same thing as 'cook'. Part of the convienence of a rice cooker is that you can just start the rice to cooking and forget about it because the warmer will NOT burn the rice= not the case with this cooker, you have to babysit your rice far too much.

Coraopolis, PA


Healthy Meals and A Very Pretty Appliance


I received my Wolfgang Puck Rice cooker as a gift.  I was unfamiliar with this particular kitchen appliance, so I was delighted to discover that it cooks way more than just rice.  I can prepare an entire meal in minutes after a long day at work.  Also, when they say 7 cups; they mean 7 raw cups.  The cooker can actually prepare as much as 14 cooked cups of rice!  Making rice is easy....you dump even amounts of liquid and rice with its special little measuring cup.  You can add things to it for different varieties and flavors!  The rice cooker also accomodates two more steamer racks that can stack on top of the rice.  One for fish, another for a vegetable!  It can make desserts, bean dishes, mac n' cheese, but prepares it fast, unlike a crock pot.  Steam cooking makes it healthy, economical, and quick for busy families. My favorite aspect of the WP Rice cooker is the color!  Mine is orange and stainless steel.  A really fun touch in my Italian themed kitchen!   The cooker comes with a small cookbook to get you started, but it won't be long and you'll be designing your own meals in the Wolfgang cooker!  

Houlton, ME


This rice cooker is awesome.


This is the set it and forget it Wolfgang Puck Rice Cooker. It is very durable and lightweight. It is black and chrome. It has a drainage cup on the side for when you open up the lid. The steam water does not drain into the rice, instead, it drains into the cup. It has the automatic keep warm system and cook light. It has 7 cup capacity of uncooked rice, removable nonstick pot and integrated handle. It also cooks other dishes besides rice like pasta, risotto and jambalaya. You don't have to worry about your rice getting burned.  It also comes with detachable cord, measuring cup, spoon and steaming basket. Great rice. Great price and excellent product. The rice comes out light and fluffy. I use my mine for steaming vegetables and steaming chicken and shrimp.  I also use it for soups. This and easy clean up appliance and it stores away easily.  You will wow your family and guest with this rice cooker. You will love this product. AWESOME!!!!!!!

Greer, SC


Wolfgang Puck 7-Cup Rice Cooker

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