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White-Westinghouse Automatic Rice Cooker

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Great automatic rice cooker


This rice cooker is great to have in a 1 or 2 person household or for families who don't eat rice often. It makes four cups of rice but I've only made 2 cups at most and it comes out perfect every time. The cooker only has one button which makes cooking rice extremely easy. Just put in the amount of rice you want to cook, add the correct amount of water, hit the button and forget it. The rice does get a light brown layer at the bottom but that happens with any rice cooker. The aluminum pot is very easy to clean as the rice doesn't stick to the bottom very much. One thing that I don't like about this cooker that's even mentioned in the manual is that the cord is way too short. If you don't have a spot for it that's right next to an outlet, it either won't reach or you have the cord stretched out while plugged in. Overall, it's a great appliance that cooks rice perfectly everytime and I would recommend it to anyone.

Cleveland, OH


White-Westinghouse Automatic Rice Cooker

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