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Western Digital
Western Digital My Bookâ„¢ WDG1C5000N 500 GB FireWire 400 (1394a) Hard Drive

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Reliable, Excellent performance, Easy to use.


After a horrendous experience with another brand of External Hard Drives I was in a panic to find something that would hold my home video editing files.  My son-on-law suggested Western Digital and I am hooked.  So easy to set up and use and reliable beyond my imagination.  I have filled up half of my 500 GB's and am buying another to use as a backup.  Excellent product!


Salem, OR


Are You Kidding Me?? I would give this thing 0 stars!


I have had two 500 GB Western Digital Book Drives, the first one simply went up in smoke one night.  So after that I had to rescue all my back up files onto the new one.   Due to the previous experience I only have the drive on when I want to back up or retrieve something from it.  So I would guess this one has been on a total of 100 hours since I bought it. Well today I turned it on to do a back up and it just sits and sputters, there is obviously a controller malfunction or something because you can hear it making noise. Wow, how can a company that's been in the hard drive business as long as Western Digital put out such a lame product?   I'm simply amazed!


Fargo, ND


Western Digital My Bookâ„¢ WDG1C5000N 500 GB FireWire 400 (1394a) Hard Drive

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