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Seagate 250GB FreeAgent  Desktop USB

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Great price for extra laptop storage


Bought to augment my laptop's 100 GB HD. Needed space to save my TIVO recordings. Worked right out of the box. Fairly fast transfer rates. Looks great and doesn't take a lot of desktop space. Great price for an external drive. Bought it at NewEgg. They always have the best prices. Seagate makes great drives and this is a good addition to their lineup. Highly recommend.


Sedalia, MO


Fantastic easy to use Backup Drive.


I purchased this Seagate FreeAgent hard drive two weeks ago and love the ease of using it. It's really plug and play, especially when I use Windows Vista backup program. I like the speed of the 2.0 usb connection and I did not receive any errors while backing up my files as I previously did with Western Digital backup drives.This is a very good technical device that is geared towards the non-techie user. A simple setup manual comes with the drive, and honestly, you really don't even need the manual.In the past I have lost many files from hard drive crashes and other methods of backing up my files (dvds, cds, the old 3 1/2" disks were archaic to me. I needed a lot of them because I have many files. I know Seagate makes 500GB drives but the 250GB drive has enough memory for my needs. I really have not discovered any downside except there isn't a power save feature. You really should unplug the USB and the power supply according to customer service. So far, I'm very happy with it.


Myrtle Beach, SC


Very easy to install!!!


I have a ton of pictures and days of music on my computer..this is great to get all that off my main hard-drive, and still have it accessible. I can also attach it to my laptop to move pics or music from my main computer. This unit looks great and is so easy, a novice computer user will have no problem using it.


Grandville, MI


Great for Back-up, Easy to Use


I got this Seagate FreeAgent as a present two Christmases ago.  I wanted it so I save on it files that I wanted to back-up (just in case my computer ever crashed).  In particular, I have lots of downloaded family pictures that were important to me that I didn't want to lose.  Plus, I did not want to take up space on my hard drive with all this "stuff". I am sure you could probably get one with a little more storage but this one has been plenty for me so far.  It is so easy to use--it is literally plug into USB and use.  It just shows up under "Computer" and is named "FreeAgent".  You copy all the files that you want into this drive.  I even have it set up so that all my files are backed up every night onto it.  It is also small and unobtrusive. I would highly recommend this to anyone--tech saavy and not.  It has been very useful and gives me peace of mind knowing that my files are safe.


Mesa, AZ


Good till the end


Had one of the externals when I got my laptop. I figured I'd get a laptop with less storage capacity and store stuff I only needed every now and again on the external so it wouldnt slow my computer down. Well over time I started putting my movies and audio books and music on it and I ended up knocking it off my deck and it hit the floor and no longer works. I love a good 100 CDs that I had got from friends and what not as well as about 40 movies and a lot of work I had done in writing and school. Looking back I dont know why I got an external that didnt sit on the desk. I think the base and the fact that it stands like a tower is a major setback in the design of the whole thing. I also must say that it only being USB made transfering files go really slow and that when trying to run programs through the harddrive it took about twice if not three times as long as it should have. Though I did like the slim design to it because it fit between my laptop and my printer just right I think that it should have been flat. I think the price was fair though for what I got and how long I had it.


Bakersfield, CA


Great external hard drive..


The Seagate Freeagent line of external hard drives are simply great & reliable. They work right out of the box, making it easy to save all of your important files by dragging and dropping. It has a very large hard drive and comes in larger sizes if you need it. Mine is only 250 gb, but that's more than enough for me at this time. I back up all of my pictures, documents, games, videos, music and files on it, quickly and efficiently. If you don't want to pay extra for a portable hard drive, this one does the job well for less.


Aventura, FL


Best external storage I've ever used


I bought this device to store music and pictures to free up space on my pc. I have two teens and the amout of space they used up was outragious. I got this started moving files and freeing up space. It has to be the easiest unit I have ever used and I would recommend it to anyone. Great produce!! Thanks Seagate.   Sunnyhorn


Kyle, TX


Seagate 250GB FreeAgent Desktop USB

4.9 7