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Raptor 150gb Sata 10000rpm With 16mb Buffer - WESTERN DIGITAL - WD1500HLFS 150 GB SATA Hard Drive

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Western Digital Raptor Excels


Just this last May, my hard drive crashed and I lost about 500 gigabytes of data. That was my old Hitachi drive that came with my computer when I bought it. It lasted less than 2 years and crashed suddenly, much to my disappointment. I bought this to replace it, having heard many good things about the Raptor and of Western Digital in general, and I have to say, I am beyond satisfied with its performance. It is very fast and I never have BSODs anymore. All in all, a great product. Highly recommended.




Western Digital VelociRaptor WD1500HLFS is fast!


It is Western Digital, it is 10K RPM, and it is SATA 3GB/s.  Extremely fast!   If you know anything about drag racing, it runs like it has a NOS five hundred (500) horse powered fogger system hook up to it!  I have 64 bit Vista installed on it.  Both in synthetic benchmarks and the general responsiveness ("zippiness") of your system, high burst rate and sustained read; Drive barely even gets warm at full-bore with a low-speed fan blowing air over it, thanks to the massive heatsink. The raptor scored 246 FPS. I noticed that map loading times in Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 4, Black Hawk Down Team Sabre, etc. were greatly reduced Also is pretty quiet, don't even notice it. And with PrefectDisk.com, and tune-up.com helps the hard drive to be even faster. I'm very pleased with the performance of this drive.  The only way that an indivdual could improve on this one is by going to the 300 VelociRaptor.


Dublin, GA


Raptor is loud and fast.


While a few years ago the Western Digital Raptor was the only hard drive that would give a performance increase over standard 7200 rpm drives, today the Raptor loses out to various Solid State Drives. Compared to a regular hard drive, the Raptor has decreased access time, faster read speeds, but it also gives that all up for an increase in noise. The noise increase is very noticable when searching for files on your hard drive. But since SSD's have become common in the marketplace, the market for these Raptors have decreased a lot. SSD's are capable of providing faster read and write speeds, while being very quite. It seems SSD's have become the new drive of choice for users who are looking for much faster performance than a regular hard drive.


Appleton, WI


Raptor 150gb Sata 10000rpm With 16mb Buffer - WESTERN DIGITAL - WD1500HLFS 150 GB SATA Hard Drive

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