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Apple Time Capsule (MC343LL/A) 1000 GB

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Best router


The Apple time capsule is the high end of routers provided by Apple. It supports wireless a,b,g and n. Wireless N is the latest when it comes to wireless tech. It provides very high speeds as well as great range. The Time capsule lets you use it with time machine on your mac so it can wirelessly create backups for your computer which is a very nifty feature. I also really like the looks of the time capsule and it isn't too big so it is kind of portable. It is super quiet so there is nothing to worry about in terms of noise. It comes in different storage capacities so you can choose one according to your need as well as your budget. It is very easy to set up and hardly takes any time to have it up and running.


Lafayette, IN




You gotta love that Apple always comes out with amazing products that are just so useful and makes you think how did we ever live without this product being there. I love the Apple time machine. It is essentially a router which broadcasts wireless a/b/g and n. Wireless n is the newest wireless technology. So it provides blazing internet speeds as well as a very robust range which should pretty much cover your entire house and give you internet access everywhere. Along with it being a router it also has a hard drive which can wirelessly let you back up all your important data from your computers using time machine. It is also very portable and you can take it along with you when you have to leave town.


West Lafayette, IN


The Time Capsule: an All-in-One Bundle


The Time Capsule is one of my favorite devices by Apple. It works so seamlessly with my computer that it is almost magical. First of all, the device is the size of a small, square textbook, and isn't too big or clunky. It is a Wi-Fi router as well, so I can run my internet through it and have Wi-Fi throughout my house. And if that wasn't cool enough, it is also a device to back up ALL of your computer's files. Macs come with a program called Time Machine, which will wirelessly back up your computer's contents to the Time Capsule hourly, provided you are on it's network. This is so incredible and seamless you forget it's working. If you open the Time Machine, you can go back hour by hour and view all of your files, since it has a full storage of your data each hour. This is useful if you want to recover a little file you deleted a while ago and want back. However, I have dropped my computer once and shook up the HD, deleting its contents. My Mac asked me if I wanted to restore my computer using my last Time Capsule backup. It took almost a day to fill my computer back up, but I lost no work. Simply incredible.


Lake Zurich, IL


Simple, elegant, seamless


Like everything Apple releases, in an ideal world it works with minimal effort. This is exactly what the Time Capsule does. Within minutes of powering the time capsule up it was working perfectly. It immediately recognized the printer I hooked up with through the ethernet. I hooked up a external USB hard drive as a second networked drive within minutes. It literally took 10 minutes before I was absolutely done with it. Since then, I haven't had to even really think about the fact that it's there. My backups are kept perfectly, I stream movies and music off of it to my AppleTV, Macbooks and iPhone. It is all very seamless and hassle-free. Visually it's very attractive and is incredibly small. It looks clean and maintains a nice, subtle profile that can fit almost anywhere. Overall, the only negative is that it's a bit pricey. But, you're paying for the quality and simplicity. For most Mac users this is a no-brainer. If you can afford it, you should get it and these days, you can't afford to NOT have a backup of some sort.


Grand Rapids, MI


I had the 500GB model


I bought my first time capsule back in 2008 the 500GB model. It is a great base station for sure everything works with it and its super easy to set up. Of course you can use it with the time capsule back up system, the only down fall with that is-is that it saves alot of data and eventually fills up the whole drive so its hard to save other things on there. I had mine for a little over 2 years and never had a problem until the end when i noticed some of the files on the drive were corrupt and i couldn't save them to my computer anymore. It didn't die i just sold it because i needed more space. Alot of people have complained that these only last a year or so because the drive dies and thats just a risk you take when you buy something with a hard drive inside. It does get quite hot i noticed as well so keeping the area around it open is important. Another downside is that you cant stream from it like you can with other network drives, i dont know if they have included this with the newer models or not. Otherwise these are great, they are fast and having a back up drive in this day and age is always a good thing to have.


Saint Paul, MN


Apple Time Capsule (MC343LL/A) 1000 GB

4.8 5