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Truckee Company
Truckee Company Sourdough Bread

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truckee sourdough online


Kalimata Ciabatta-fantastic! The sliced sourdough and the ciabatta rolls are especially delicious. Slice the ciabatta rolls and store in the freezer-pop them into a toaster-fantastic-ditto the sliced breads. We found Truckee Sourdogh bread available online from **sierravalleytrading.com**

Carnelian Bay, CA


Plastic wrap ruins bread texture


Truckee bread was always a favorite in our household until it arrived on the shelves at Raleys encased in plastic. Now the bread tastes "day old" and I won't buy it anymore. I understand that it's difficult to keep fresh bread on the shelf without drying out quickly, but the quality of the bread suffers and we might as well buy cheaper bagged bread.

Silver City, NV


Truckee sourdough bread is the perfect everything bread


**Truckee Bread Company's Sourdough Bread** is absolutely amazing...and addicting.  I don't want to eat anything else.  It makes the perfect toast (it has the perfect crispiness) and I have that as my snack or breakfast.  I have to be careful not to eat all this yummy bread from **Truckee Bread Company** because it is so addicting.  This **Sourdough Bread** is already sliced.  Unless you live in California and in the northern part, you probably won't be able to buy this bread in a supermarket near you.  The **Truckee Bread Company** was established in 1996 and I hope they keep going strong so I can continue to buy **Truckee Bread Company's Sourdough Bread**.

Downieville, CA


Truckee Company Sourdough Bread

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