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Nature's Own
Nature's Own Whitewheat Bread

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Looks and tastes like white bread, but is nutritious like wheat!


I'm on Weight Watchers trying to lose weight, and when I heard about this bread I was skeptical. I didn't understand how white bread could be nutritious. So one day I went to the grocery store and looked at the information. This bread has 5 grams of fiber for two slices! When I calculated how many points it was, it was only 1 point for a serving size, which is two slices. I was still a little skeptical about the taste, so I bought a loaf and took it home.Later that day I tried it normally and in a sandwich. It looks like white bread, feels like white bread, and tastes like white bread. I was amazed because I never thought white bread could be healthy. The texture is soft and spongy, just like white bread, and it tastes like it too. And best of all, it's nutritious like wheat bread!The only downside to this bread is that it's only available in certain places (mainly the south/southeast US), and Nature's Own (the company that makes it) won't ship it because they want to preserve the freshness. Also, it's a little bit more expensive than wheat bread. However, I think it's worth it if you miss white bread but still want the nutrition of wheat bread.

Round Rock, TX


More fiber than many whole grain breads


My entire family LOVES Nature's Own Whitewheat bread products. Yes, you can have that wonderful soft, white bread taste and feel in a bread that is also high in fiber. A "white" bread that is actually good for you too! Not only that, but it looks like regular white bread so for those with pickier eaters who won't try something that "looks" different, this is perfect. Nature's Own Whitewheat comes in regular loaf bread, hot dog buns, and hamburger buns. They just added the sandwich thins to their repetoire as well. The regular loaf bread as 5 (yes five) grams of dietary fiber per 2 (two) slices of bread. Most breads are lucky to have one or two. This even beats the whole grains ones, the whole wheat varieties and some of the high fiber ones as well. As a member of weight watchers, the point plus value for the regular bread and the hamburger buns are only 3 point plus! The same as light bread. Plus it is considered a power food to boot. The hot dog buns are only 2 point plus value! YUM. If you have not tried this bread, I highly recommend you do. If you have to, put it in the bag of your old bread so no one knows you are trying something new. Then take a poll. I bet everyone will love it.

Virginia Beach, VA


Currently disappointing


Okay, I have been making sandwiches from Nature's Own WhiteWheat for over a year now, and until now, I have absolutely loved it. But what has happened to it???!!! Every loaf I have purchased in the past month or so is HOLEY. Seriously holey (holes one inch wide), or falling apart. The loaf I currently have, almost every slice is split almost down the center, or the edges are just barely hanging on. How can I make a sandwich when the bread keeps falling apart? I'm going to try one more loaf, and then I am done. I will be forced to try another brand. :(

Danville, VA


White Wheat-what could be more sneaky!


Ahhhh...this is the first product I could get my Hubby to "cave" on. White bread was the only bread he had ever had. That was it. He hates change which made this an even harder battle. I was pretty sure that this was one battle he would win. And then "white wheat" came to power in the world of bread!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!! Yes! So, you will never guess what type of loaf of soft, yummy, most delicious white bread is in my kitchen half eaten??? Yes! Natures' Own White Wheat Bread!!! We won!

Goose Creek, SC


Natures Own Whitewheat bread - GOOD FOR DIETERS!


Have one those picky people in your family that only wants WHITE bread, but you want them to get the nutrition of wheat?  This is the bread for you.   Fresh,  moist and soft, it's exactly like a wonderful white bread.  But what they DON"T know is that this bread is so nutritious, you could almost live off of it.  It will give you every nutrient you need short of vitamin C.  It's loaded with fiber, AND with protein!  Because of that, it's the perfect food for the dieter.  Two whole slices are only one point, if you're on weight watchers.  And if you're counting calories and needing something satisfying that will fill you up. this is the bread for you too.

Sarasota, FL


This is my family's staple sandwich bread.


This bread is a little more expensive than regular white or wheat breads, but it's very competitively priced for the white wheats. I love that my family gets all the health benefits of wheat bread but doesn't miss eating white bread. This brand is always soft and very fresh, and stays good long after the expiration date if I keep it in the fridge.

Austin, TX


Nature's Own Whitewheat Bread

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