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Tallman Ladders
Tallman Ladders Tripod Orchard Ladder

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Well, i didnt fall down!


This ladder is definately worth the money. I really dont like climbing. It is study and strong!  My wife even climbs up on it. Before she'd make me put up all her party decorations. It definately is a little expensive, but to be honest i was suprised at how expensive all ladders are. It looks nice and is light weight and easy to carry. We live next door to my father in law so he's alway coming over to borrow it! I can already tell you next year putting up the Christmas lights will be a breez!  I definately recomment this to anyone. It would make a great gift for a father or husband!!

Baton Rouge, LA


Off road ladder.


If you have ever needed to get up high somewhere other than flat level ground, you know how dicey it can get. This ladder solves that problem. Actually, that problem was solved ages ago, but wooden tripod ladders are especially heavy and not great at dealing with the elements. Aluminum is a far superior material in this application, and Tallman does it right. The tripod style ladder can go (almost) anywhere. Because it only has three legs, they are automatically in the same plane, therefor no wobbling. (This is why crude stools are usually shown as having three legs.) There is no stretcher in these ladders, so you can put the third leg waaaay out to get stability, if you need to. The third leg is attached by a really stable method; it doesn't go out left or right. The aluminum treads have big thingies(technical term) punched in the them to provide great traction even when wet. The only problem I have with these ladders isn't really my problem. They are designed for use by professionals in less than ideal ladder circumstances, and that limits the ability to use those safety stickers we all love. ("Do they really think I'm that stupid?") The step you shouldn't be above changes because of the huge variation in positioning possibilities, and if you position it wrong it could be unsafe to get on the bottom step. So, personal responsibility is the name of the game here. Check and double check before climbing. One other warning- This is an off road ONLY ladder. It depends on the feet sinking into the ground to stay put. If you try to use it on a hard surface, it will fail, probably when you get to the top.

Marietta, GA


Tallman Ladders Tripod Orchard Ladder

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