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Mechanix Wear MFF-05-010 Fast-Fit Gloves, Black

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A must for the garage or shop!!


I have a few pairs of the Mechanix Wear Fast-Fit Gloves because they are so durable. They are on the pricey side but for the durability you get with them it is worth it. I was tired of skinned knuckles and needed some work gloves to protect my hands. So far these gloves have done a wonderful job.




nice gloves


Nice comfortable glove. Size fits all. Can be used for every day tasks such as gardening , lifting heavy objects, cleaner sewer ducts, painting and etc. Gloves can be ordered today while supplies last.


Elmont, NY


A Perfect Fit


The Mechanix Fast Fit gloves are a versatile glove for use in the automotive field and beyond. I use them daily for everyday use at work for light construction and for working on my car and motorcycle. The gloves have a great tactile feel and offer protection from stray screws and bolts. I've even used these gloves to protect my hands agaisnt the cold when shoveling snow and the material provides decent warmth while still alowing total mobility. Truthfully these gloves are as close as you can get to wearing latex/vinyl gloves in regards to the mobility provided. They are easy to clean but are cheap enough to be disposed of after years of use because that is about how long they will last. The sizing is accurate and stay put during any and all activities, you never will need to worry about a snag pulling the glove and exposing your hands. I do wish this line had more grip on the palms but the other Mechanix varieties have the feature so for a basic glove it's allowable.


Cleveland, OH


We have had good success


Thes gloves are very good and are comfortable.  They still allow you to grip and use the hands and fingers to do intriquite tasks.  I do not like the fact that the color is only in black where I shop and it is very prone to show dirt and they get relagated to being yard gloves for my wife and I.  These gloves are quite comfortable and they really wick away moisture.  They do need some form of antifungal or microbial ingredient built inside of they, so that they do not leave that funky smell on your hands after you have worn them for along time, otherwise, a product I am satisfied with.


Toney, AL


perfect for mechanics


i got these mechanix gloves for my husband because cause he's forever taking things apart and he says they help keep his hands protected from scraps he even wears them when he welds. so in my opinion 2 thumbs up


Springfield, LA


great fit and durable


these gloves are absolutely the ones for me. they are strong, durable and look quite stylish to boot. How many times have you put on a pair of the plastic gloves only to have them rip.. These gloves wont, try them and see first hand


Oakdale, NY


Sturdy gloves that work to help you work


The **Mechanix Wear MFF-05-010 Fast-Fit Gloves, Black **are work gloves that definitely do that job. They're perfect for working in the yard, garden work, or doing anything with power tools. My only gripe is that they aren't the most attractive gloves - they say Mechanix all across the front of the gloves, like they're Abercrombie! But they really are built for durability, instead of style. And they do the job. ****


Chicago, IL


Mechanix Wear MFF-05-010 Fast-Fit Gloves, Black

4.7 7