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Hound Dog
Hound Dog Weed Hound

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very little payoff for the workload


This product would be good if you want to punish your child with yard work. It is very uncomfortable for anyone over 5' tall and very labor intensive. There is very little payoff for the amount of work that it requires to do the job effieciently.


Clinton, TN


Weed Hound is fun, effective and easy


If you've never tried the Weed Hound, you're probably thinking everyone on here who says pulling weeds is fun is crazy! But it's true! The Weed Hound is really easy to use, although I did think that it took a little practice to get good at using it. You just center the tines over the weed, step down on the Weed Hound, pull the weed up, then give the plunger a smack to dislodge the weed. My dad was over this weekend and he actually pulled the Weed Hound out of my garage and started working on the weeds in my lawn! We were practically having a contest to see who could pull the "best" weed (meaning the one with the longest root!). The Weed Hound is really good at removing the entire weed, root and all, so you know that it is not going to reappear. It is a satisfying feeling to do this, and you'll find that it's kind of addictive. Sometimes you have to attack one weed several times to get it all, but this is the exception not the rule. Some weeds just don't have an obvious "center". I highly recommend the Weed Hound.  


Royal Oak, MI


This thing really works!


My neighbor's don't seem to care how many dandelions fill their yard, but I do!  I will admit that I was a little leery of the weed hound.  The weed hound works and actually pulls the weeds from the roots.  If you don't get the root, it's a waste of time.  My bucket runneth over when I use the Hound Dog Weed Hound. 


Waukegan, IL


best way to remove weeds


I was a bit reluctant when my husband bought it but when i used it i found it really amazing. it pulls out the weed with its root which is very tough to remove otherwise. I liked it very much. This hound dog weed hound has become my everyday companion and i am almost finished with weeds in my lawn.


Tallahassee, FL


Who knew pulling weeds could be so much fun


When I bought this thing I had know idea how much fun it would be.  No more bending, no more sore back.  No more weeds, (well not quite yet, but we're working on it.)  Much to my husbands dismay I canceled our lawn service.  I just couldn't justify using all those chemicals.    So I was thrilled to find this nifty tool to remove weeds by hand.  I think at least 5 neighbors came over to see my new toy while I was using it.  All agreed it was pretty cool.  You simply center the tines over the weed, step down and pull up the weed, root and all, then push the plunger for the weed to fall out of the tool.  it really is that simple. It works in lawns or landscape beds.  There are certain weeds it doesn't want to grab, but those are the ones where there is no real center.  Great on 9 out of 10 weeds.  http://www.hound-dog.com/weed_hound.htm    


Cumming, GA


Hound Dog Weed Hound

4.2 5