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Sony - SLV-D370P VCR/DVD Player

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Good, but could be better dvd/vcr combo


I've bought this three years ago when my old vcr player wouldn't work anymore.  And yes, I am still using this dvd/vcr combo *mainly* for the vcr player function alone.  Vcr is old technology, but unless someone can show me how to get tivo for free without subscriptions, then please shoot me a message.  Anyways, overall this dvd/vcr is good, but it isn't great, especially the dvd player when I was using it.  The menu of the dvd player is very basic looking and it isn't too responsive to button press on the control.  Another bad thing about the dvd player is that it only play retail dvds well, otherwise, it's a mediocre dvd player.  It wouldn't accept a lot of the burned dvd-r's I've inserted in the player.  For the ones that was able to be accept and play in the dvd player, most have a skipping problem that wasn't able to play well.  For the vcr player, the video head has been decent, but it could've been better as recentlly the tapes I've been trying to play stutters a lot.  For those that are looking for a decent dvd/vcr combo, then this is a decent choice.


San Gabriel, CA


Lesson Learned


This thing completely sucks.  Sorry for being so blunt but the only good thing about this is that it taught me that I should never buy a dvd player with multi-functions.  I stick to dvd player for only dvd now.  This dvd was okay for like the first day.  The dvds played smoothly and nothing was wrong.  But then the next day some of my discs started to skip for no reason (it was brand new) and I didn't know what happened, I thought it was because I accidentally scratched it for some reason even though it was brand new.  So then I played with it with my other dvd player and everything was fine so I figured out that the problem lied with this player.  But I couldn't do anything back then since the store refused returns.  So basically this dvd player is like a waste of space since I started to convert to dvds more (quality is much better!).  By the way, the tapes played perfectly.  It's just the discs where it has problems with skipping.


San Diego, CA


Sony - SLV-D370P VCR/DVD Player

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