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Sony DVD Player

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the sony dvd player is a good product for the price.


I bought this Sony DVD player last Christmas. It was a good price and the quality is excellent. I haven't had any problems with it. It is easy to use, the picture and sound quality are excellent. It is easy to operate and it is goof proof. I would recommend this dvd player to anyone.

Minden, LA


Very good


I haven't had any problems with this DVD player. It doesn't take long to load and the quality is great. Performance Plays all regular DVD's with no trouble at all. Ease of Use This device is very easy to use. This was my first ever DVD player, and I figured out how to use it in just a few minutes.



Great DVD Player


This DVD player, like all Sony products I've purchased was a great buy. I currently own two, as they are easy to use and function perfectly. It comes with a remote to control all features of the DVD player, however, the DVD player itself is very limited in the functions it is able to control without the remote. These functions are limited to opening and closing the DVD player, playing, and stopping the DVD. The stop button can of course be used to pause the DVD as well by only pressing it once as opposed to twice. This is a drawback for me, as if the remote has dead batteries, or is misteriously missing in the couch cushions, the DVD can not be fast fowarded, rewinded, and any potential previews can not be skipped to go straight to the main menu. It also means if there are full screen or wide screen options you can't specify without the remote. Viewing the special features is also not possible without the remote. So hold on to your remote otherwise you are very limited to strictly watching the main version of the movie!

Newark, DE


Sony DVD Player

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