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Philips - in. DVD Player

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Good deal for the price


We bought this for our son who doesn't do well on car trips and our almost new portable player died after 6 months. We looked all over and finally found this one at walmart.com. It was way cheaper than any other place and way cheaper than any they even had in the store. This is small and compact and takes up no space at all. But the screen is still 7 inches and is really clear. The sound and picture quality is very nice. You really don't feel like your missing out. It plays almost any kind of format you can think of-CD's, DVD's, MP3, etc.The buttons are easy to use and are very functional and user friendly.  My only complaints are that it doesn't charge while it's playing. It only charges while it's turned off. It's also a little tempermental. I have bumped it a couple times while it's on our console and it will skip. Although we have not really had any problems with it skipping while going down the road. I also wish it had come it's own case. A lot of the cases I have found are too big for this that it's a little awkward finding a car case that will fit it.  

Warrensburg, MO


For people on the go the Phillips 7 inch DVD Player is perfect


If you want to watch DVDs but don't want to carry around a giant laptop then a portable DVD player is the way to go. For people on the go this is perfect. It's smaller and  lighter - the 7 inch LCD screen makes it so that it's portable but not too small, so you can watch your movies without worrying about missing out on the quality you would get on an actual TV. This portabe DVD player is even compatible with most of the DVD's and CDs so you don't have to worry about which disc you pick up. It's a great way to pass the time while traveling. The feature that enables you to play music is great and  it even lets you view your JPEG images from a picture disc! Most DVD players only have good audio when you listen through headphones, but with the built in stereo speakers in this DVD player, you get quality sound for everyone to hear. It weighs just 1.6 pounds, making it easy to take this anywhere. The only downside is the 1 hour rechargeable battery.

Greensboro, NC


Philips DVD player is easy to use and not too expensive


I picked this up when I had a pre-schooler accompanying me to training meetings for my volunteer work. I knew a  movie would help keep him occupied while I learned, and then later while I worked. The system had to be easy enough to use that I could quickly get him set up. This model worked beautifully. The buttons are highly visible, using white on black, which is also important to me because I have difficulty seeing without high contrast. Even the buttons on the side are on a white background (I bought the white model), instead of black, so I can see these easily, too. While instructions are available, playing a few minutes with the menus quickly gives you and idea of what's available. The only time you'd need instructions is if you have DVD's with an unusual playback mode.  It's 2 playback modes are PAL and NTSC, which means nothing to me, but may to someone else. You can change the setup language, turn on or off the screen saver, set it to resume where you left off, and turn on or off angle mark. Display allows you to change brightness, contrast, and screen display (16:9 or 4:3.) Batt. Life gives you the option to change the LCD backlight brightness. If you have little ones who are tech savvy, the Prefer menu might appeal to you. In addition to setting the language for audio, subtitle, and disc menu, you can set parental controls to allow only movies rated for your kids to be played on the player. And you can set a numeric password to protect the settings. The player can also be hooked up to a TV.  Included in the kit is a wall adapter, a car adapter, and AV cables to hook up to a TV.  The sound and video are of sufficient quality for a single viewer-maybe two who sit close together. I usually use it indoors, so that's not been as big an issue, but in the car it's harder to hear. As someone who used it only occasionally over the past 2 years, it was perfect-low cost, easy to use, comes with adapters. The only drawback would be that it's battery life is too short for a long movie, and it does not charge while playing.  

Martin, TN


Philips - in. DVD Player

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