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Sony - ICF-C153V Clock Radio

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Wow, awesome...wakes me up, too!


When I first got this clock radio, I thought it was like every other-boring and extremely annoying.  I was wrong. The screen is green and bright, and there are three brightness settings that you can adjust.  Also, there is a daylight savings button.  So, instead of resetting the clock when that time of year comes around, you can just press a button and the time is changed for you. Another great feature is the radio.  There are two FM tuners, where you can save up to 10 of your favorite stations.  There is also an AM tuner, and a weather tuner (just weather, all the time.)  You can set it so that if there is a weather alert, your clock will go off. But, the biggest surprise of this clock for me was the TV tuner.  Yes, I can listen to the TV on my clock radio!  It has channels 2-13, and it's actually pretty cool, even though I don't use it that often. Everything else is pretty standard.  The alarm is extremely annoying, and if you just lie there while it is going off, it will get louder and faster.  You can also set the radio for your alarm.  Overall this is a great clock radio, and the most exciting part was the TV tuner.


A Small Town, NJ


Sony - ICF-C153V Clock Radio

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