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Sony - Under-Cabinet Kitchen ICF-CDK50 Clock Radio

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this clock radio is so great. i just love it because i'm in my kitchen so much because i could and it's really great to listen to music when i cook. it actually motivates me to cook and clean when i listen to music. i love the fact that it was a piece of cake to install it. the sound has very good quality. whic i honestly didn't think that it would, but i was ver surprized and super happy about. i also love the fact that it has a remote. which makes things ten times easier if i don't like what's on the radio instead of having to always walk to the radio and turn the channel. another upside is that it's slim. which it looks great slim. i also love that it has a backup battery which is perfect.

Milwaukee, WI


Sony makes superior under-cabinet clock radio


I received the Sony under-cabinet clock radio for Christmas and I love it.  It was incredibly easy to install and set up.  For some reason I have trouble getting good radio reception in my home, but all of my favorite stations are crisp and clear when played on this clock radio.  The remote is handy, and the fact that it's magnetic makes it impossible to lose.  There's also an mp3 holder that can be fastened to the radio to stow an mp3 player (there's a port to plug in the mp3 player so it plays through the clock radio).  I was hesitant to get an under-cabinet clock radio because I didn't want something big and bulky attached to the cabinets, but the Sony clock radio is slim and stylish.  Its slim profile makes it an unobtrusive addition to my kitchen.  The one thing I wish this clock radio had was a nightlight feature.  As this was a gift I can't speak to the price, but I can recomment the quality of this clock radio.

Harrisonburg, VA


The Sony UnderCabinet Kitchen Clock Radio (ICF-CDK50) is perfect


This clock radio is fantastic.  Not only do you get oustanding reception (not always a given with these under cabinet units) you also get a lot of flexibilty in formats of CD the unit will play ... it seems limitless!  In addition it will also play MP3s from your MP3 player!  Includes a great little "rack" for holding your player while it's in use with the radio.   It offers 5 preset buttons for your favorit stations, and I was thrilled to actually HAVE 5 stations I could program into it.  Our last under the cabinet unit got one stations ... we do live in a more rural area, but even out here in the boonies it's nice to have options! I also really like that fact that it offers a kitchen timer featuer.  It's easy to use and has come in very handy!!  Speaking of "ease of use" the clock is also VERY easy to set... push one button and turn the knob - presto! I do wish the unit offered a counter light as part of it's features, but given all the other features that are inclued in this unit ... that as the other review mentioned is very sleek -- and slim, I'm not going to consider that a real "complaint" .  We just installed a light in addition to the radio (our last radio did have a light so that's probably why I wish this one did as well).

Carey, OH


Sony - Under-Cabinet Kitchen ICF-CDK50 Clock Radio

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