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Sony - ICF-CDK70 Clock Radio

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Superb Clock Radio!


The Sony ICF-CDK70 clock radio is pretty sweet. It is very easy to tune and switch between your favorite stations, so you do not have to keep to one station at all times. Also, the sound quality is pretty great. You can hear the radio throughout the entire room without static intervention and the volume allows you to turn it up or down pretty quickly and easily. This radio can get pretty loud which is pretty great when your song comes on. Moreover, the build quality of the radio is good, in my opinion. It did not feel at all that it was made cheaply or poorly. I greatly appreciated that fact. In terms of price, it was okay by me - neither too expensive or too cheap - it was pretty average in those terms. Overall, I would have to say that I would recommend this Sony clock radio to someone in the market for one because it operates well, is inexpensive, and will pretty much do everything you would want your clock radio to do.

Washington, DC


Great sound, out of the way!


We purchased out under the counter clock radio about 10 years ago.  I love this radio and it also has a cd player.  When I'm cooking I can put on any music I want.  It's not bulky and ugly.  You hardly even know it's there.  I would highly recommend this radio to anyone who would like music in there kitchen while cooking.

Grosse Pointe, MI


Great sound and quality


I have owned this Sony radio for about 2 years and am quite pleased with its performance.  It was easy to mount underneat the kitchen cabinets, and it is also easy to remove.  It does not take up much space.  The sound from it is very good and covers quite a decent range.  There are 5 memory presets, but unfortunately those will be erased if your unit is unplugged, as will the time be erased.  It can also play CDs and has a mega bass feature that can be turned on or off.  It came with a small remote, but I honestly don't use the remote.  Although it is small, it is not convenient to carry around with me.  The outlet cord is a little bit long, although I have an outlet right beneath the radio.  If I had to stretch it any further, the cord length would probably be appreciated.  It gets fairly decent radio reception, both AM and FM.  This is overall a great product and one I will continue to use in my kitchen for a long time.

Lagrange, OH


The Sony Clock Radio is Wonderful for the Kitchen


The **Sony - ICF-CDK70 Clock Radio **is an excellent kitchen radio.  My husband purchaesd this radio for me last Christmas and I was so excited.  It fits nicely underneath the kitchen cabinets.  This is a huge plus, because I did not want something that would take up a lot of room.  This radio is small and fits undernearth so you almost don't even notice it is there.  I use this mainly to listen to the radio or as a speaker for my iPod.  It has an auxiliary connection so you can plug in an MP3 player.  This feature was very important to me as I wanted to have the ability to play my iPod in the kitchen also.  The only negative feature I have discovered is that it isn't very noticeable that it is still on.  I will turn off my iPod, but leave the clock radio on.  There is only a little writing on the screen that states ON.  It would be helpful it there was a glowing red light or something, but there isn't.  All in all, however an excellent kitchen radio system.  ****

Elgin, MN


Sony - ICF-CDK70 Clock Radio

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