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Sony - (SY-ICF-CD815) Clock Radio

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great basic clock radio


I bought this to replace my ancient alarm clock and to double as a CD player in the bedroom. For what I paid for it, I am very happy with this product. A big bright display, dual alarms, and easy to use. Not only can it get loud enough, but the sound quality is not that bad. You can set a CD track as your alarm sound, which I love; hate waking up to an annoying buzzing sound, don't know how I put up with it before. The radio dial is in an awkward location, as is the volume dial; I guess Sony had to make room for the CD player on top. There is also a auxilary cable to connect mp3 players but I haven't tried to use it yet, as I didn't get this product for that feature. While a backup battery feature would have been nice, I knew what I was getting and cannot complain.

Parsons, KS


Good reliable clock


This is an excellent clock for just about any purpose. I guess that one thing that it wouldn't be a good fit for would be traveling, because it's quite large and not as sleek as you might want. I travel quite a bit and favor smaller, more portable models. But this is a perfect clock for your home. It's not too expensive and it comes from Sony, so you know that it will be quality made. I know that some people are critical of the components used in other Sony products, but this is top notch. It has lots of cool features and the illuminated numbers aren't too bright. That's a big deal to me because I'm a light sleeper and don't like a super bright glow coming form a clock because it keeps me awake and annoys me late at night. So this is a good one in that regard. If you are looking for a clock for a college student or someone else that might not be used to getting up on a regular schedule, this is a good one.

Alpine, UT


Decent CD/Radio for elderly relative


I bought this CD/Radio for an elderly relative in an assisted living facility. I needed a reliable radio & cd player that was easy to operate & didn't take up lots of space. The Sony CD-815 fit my needs fairly well and was relatively inexpensive. The radio has decent sound quality. My 97 yr old aunt is able to easily read the large time display. It has 3 brightness settings - she likes it at the brightest setting, so she can see the time during the night, but that would probably be too bright for most people. The manual opening for the cd is easy for clumsy, arthritic fingers to use. This player does have a few drawbacks though. The analog tuner is hidden on the side & hard to see. There is no battery backup for the alarm clock & at the very least, it is annoying to have to reset the clock whenever power goes off. If you have to rely on the alarm to get you up on time, I'd purchase something else.  The other annoyance is the switch which controls the alrm modes. Actually there are 2, as it is a dual alarm. They are located on either side and move a little too easily. After a couple of reports of the radio coming on in the middle of the night, I found the alarm switch was in the radio mode. Someone bumped when moving the clock, so the radio came on at whatever time the alarm had been set to. A piece of masking tape over each switch took care of that problem. While I am satisfied with this Sony CD/Radio & would not have a problem recommending it, it does have some limitations to consider.

Girard, PA


Sony - (SY-ICF-CD815) Clock Radio

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