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Soap and Glory
Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker Lip gloss

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Not sure about plumping...but nice


Like many women, I'm a bit addicted to trying new lipglosses. I always imagine the next one will be the perfect combination of moisture, shine and color! I am pretty happy with this lipgloss, it is smooth and shiny. The scent is a little strong for me, but I've gotten used to mostly scent-free cosmetics. I don't really notice a taste at all. I think this lipgloss stays on well and it looks nice. I'm not sure if I notice a true plumping, but I like the tingling it sort of wakes you up. I love the color, although the texture is slightly on the sticky side. I also really love the two sided lip stick that exfoliates on one side and softens on the other. It works great in conjunction with this lip gloss. I really think the three products best together. I'd definitely buy this lipgloss again.


North Augusta, SC


A tingly lip gloss that doesn't necessarily plump.


I got 3 different shades of Soap and Glory's Sexy Motherpucker Lip Gloss for Christmas last year, and I think this is probably one of the best names of any lipgloss I have ever heard! The name and the look of this product definitely make it stand out among the rest. I wish I loved this product a much as I liked it's name however. What I like about this product is that about a minute after you apply it, it starts tingling, which feels really good! Unfortunately this tingling doesn't really do anything, mainly it doesn't plump your lips like it promises. Even though there's no plumping going on, in general I like this product as a gloss. I got the shades "Nude," "What A Melon", and "Super Starry," all of which smell just like chocolate~ (good for some, but I don't personally love the scent.) I keep one in my purse, and the other 2 in my makeup bag, but honestly I don't use them all that much, even though I like them ok.


Minneapolis, MN


sexy shiny lips are in


I ordered this lip gloss in both the clear and nude shades. I love them both! This product claims to plump up your lips without expensive injections. I do ffel the tingling sensation when it is first applied, but I don't see any real differnence in my lips.However, I still love the shiny,glossy look it gives my lips with feling real sticky. I use it everday1


Clearwater, FL


Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker Lip gloss

3.7 3