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Lip Plumper
Physicians Formula
Physicians Formula Plump Potion

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Physicians formula Plump Potion helps increase lip size.


My upper lip is thinner and I wanted to increase it's size without the costly price of cosmetic surgery. I am not out to change my looks. I just wanted a little extra help sometimes. I purchased pink nude so that I could overlay another color. The product gives very good results and does increase lip size. It does not give you the big pouty lips but it does slightly increase with noticable results. It has a slight tingling effect when you put it on your lips and I am not fond of the smell, but I do like the results. When I cover it with another gloss it usually covers up the unpleasant smell. If I do not want a deeper color I will also use gloss over it. The pink nude has a pink shimmery effect and would be nice on it's own, but I just can't get past the smell. This item is a little more expensive than I would like to pay and I am not sure that I would purchase it again if it were not on sale. I think that I would just get used to my smaller lips.


Belle Valley, OH


Pouty lips in no time


I don't have the thinnest lips but i also don't have Angelina Jolie's lips either, i want a happy medium and this the way to go. This plumper does what it says: plumps! I also love the tinge of color that my lips get once they're plumped, it's a perfectly pretty and natural pink color so i don't even need to add lipstick on top. I also noticed that it gives a great shine and it really softens my lips. After about two months of using this product, i think my lips are plumper than they used to be but it's hard to say since i use this constantly since im really hooked to the product. I love the way my lips feel when i use this, it does tingle a bit but it's not burning like some other products that ive used that claim to plump lips that in fact don't do what they say. This is my favorite lip product since it serves as a natural shine, color and plumps all at once. It's also great mixed in with a bit of color from a lipstick.


Bell, CA


Lush Lips with Physicians Formula Plump Potion


There are products priced far higher than Physicians Formula Plump Potion that do much less for your lips.  Having full lips is the trend and many women are spending big bucks on Botox to make it happen.  Since I am not prone to having toxins injected into my body, I decided to try the Physicians Formula Plump Potion instead.  It does an incredible job! The formula is rich, silky and creamy.  It feels soft and light on your lips with a slight tingling sensation when applied.  Most of these type of products have a tingling effect but this one is modified so it does not feel like too much.  It is actually a pleasant sensation!  After about five minutes, your lips have a puffy, lush look with a glossy texture.  They are absolutely kissable!  This product also helps ward off chapped lips and keeps your lips softer.  Physicians Formula Plump Potion comes in clear and sheer colors.  I love their pink color, it is frosty and makes your lips look fabulous.  Definitely better than Botox and the price is right.


Long Island City, NY


I love Physicians Formula lip plumping gloss!


I bought this lip plumping gloss a few weeks ago at my local drugstore...ON CLEARANCE! I figured it couldnt be that good if it were on clearance but I had been eyeing it for awhile and didnt want to shell out that much money for a product I had never tried. So, I made the purchase and I LOVED IT! As you apply the gloss you feel a slight tingling that lets you know that "something" is happening! It actually made my otherwise thin lips noticeaby plumper! The pink color gave a slight pink tint to my lips but wasnt overpowering. The glossy color lasts a long time which is also a plus! After trying this out I had to go back to the store and buy all of them that were still available! lol The only drawbacks to this product is that it is very sticky feeling. I have long hair and I always end up with my hair sticking to my lips! It also only comes in a few colors! All things considered it is still one of the better lip plumpers I've tried!


Salisbury, MA


Physician's Formula Plump Potion gives a noticeable effect!


I bought this lip plumper by Physician's Formula from a local grocery store, and wasn't sure what to expect but I had high hopes!  I got the clear one, and I liked the packaging, it seemed scientific and made it seem like maybe this stuff would really work! It has a soft brush for an applicator, with a heavy bottle that seems almost glass. Within 30 seconds or so of putting this lip gloss on, I started to feel a tingling effect, and it felt really good to me.  It didn't hurt, but it was definitely noticeable. When I looked in the mirror I could see that it made my lips look red, and I could see that they looked a little bigger. So my lips were shiny, red, and a little bigger.  I like to use this lip gloss with other lighter glosses to counteract the red, since that's not always the look I'm going for. I feel like I'm using something strong when I put this lip gloss on, which I like.  I haven't tried A LOT of plumpers, but this one is definitely the best.  I didn't give it a 5 star because I always imagine my lips being HUGE after using a lip plumper, but maybe that's just me having unrealistic expectations, this lip gloss really does work great.  I would buy it again. The only cons are how red it makes my lips, and that whatever is in it is so powerful, sometimes I cough immediately after putting it on, but never after barely putting it on.  I know that sounds bad but it's not.  You wouldn't be disappointed if you bought this.


Layton, UT


really plumps up those lippies!


Best product that Ive purchased for my lips. Goes on really nice and has a great applicator, i love that the applicator is a brush not a regular applicator like so many other drug store lip glosses.  It has great plumping effect that really last a long time it does not sting or irritate the lips .. of course it does give you a little stinging feeling when first applied but that is only to get your lips plumped and it only lasts maybe a minute.  I have the clear one and after about 30 mins it brings out a natural tint to you lips a very rosey natural redish pink color.  It's great for use not only on bare lips but also on top of colored lipstick for super-glam vinyl shine.  It leaves you lips feeling very moisturized and doenst dry them out what so ever.  Even after having it on for awhile you lips still feel very nice and smooth it doenst get cakey and gross like so many other glosses out there.


Stafford, VA


Love this stuff!


I usually only buy make-up from department stores. However, I read a review of this product in Health magazine, and was shocked when they said it really did plump. I've tried the big names that claim to plump, and got nothing more than a minty tingling. This product, however, really DOES what it says! After gliding it on I saw no difference. Exactly one minute later I felt not a tingling...almost a stinging. It wasn't horribly unpleasant, but it was surprising. My lips started puffing up at this point. The gloss I bought was actually in the "Spice" color, which I don't see listed. It's a very bronze color. This has HIGH shine, like vinyl. It lasted well, but of course, like all gloss, your hair will cling to it. The most incredible aspect however? Even after I took it off, my lips were STILL plump! In fact, they stayed plumped up for 48 hours after wearing it! Without any on! The packaging claims it will last even longer with more use. I already have full lips, so I use this for a little extra something. Now that I know it comes in clear, I think I'll add it to my collection too!


White Plains, NY


Physicians Formula Plump Potion

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