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Lip Plumper
Great Lips RX
Great Lips RX Instant Lip Plumper

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Ive been using the shade Dolly but, now my favorite is Ibza bomb. This is the only lip plumper I've found that really does work. Colors are great and it lasts for a long time..


Myrtle Beach


works great lips rx instant lip plumper


I just love it, trust me for those girls who don't have plum lips and would like to, this is your product. I don't have big lips so i got this and i loved the way my lips looked afterwards the only thing is that it can come of easy. Like when you kiss someone or eat you have to reaply it, but other than that it's all good. It also makes my lips feel fresh once i put it on. Well if you are looking for something good i recommend this product you'll love it.


Houston, TX


Great Lips RX Instant Lip Plumper is not so instant.


I would not go as far as to say that the Great Lips RX Instant Lip Plumper does not work. I will say it does not work instantly. I will also say it does not work all that well. I really don't need bigger or plumper lips . I just wanted to see if the lip plumpers really work. I tried this on my lips and nothing really happened. After about an hour my lips did seem a little plumper.The effects didn't last all that long . I then decided I would put this on my upper lip only as bottom lips already seem to be plump enough. After putting this on my top lip only I study my lip close real close. I think it may have made my top lip a tiny bit bigger. I was not really sure maybe it did maybe it was my imagination. whatever the case if it did make my lip bigger it was only slightly. I don't think this will be something I will buy again. Artfully applied makeup would have achieved the same affects as this product so I say just skip it.


Peebles, OH


Total lip RX Lip plumper


Total Lip Rx plump it up instant lip enhancer isn't the bee's knees. Not just because BEE"S DON"T HAVE KNEEs either. I bought it hoping to save on the expensive plumpers that are on the market today. I will be saving even more money when I return it. MY lips are not plump instantly, or after hours of reapplying. Sorry lady's but this product won't give pamela anderson lips by a long shot. If you do find it on sale it does make a long lasting gloss but if your like me and like to cake it on it might be hard because the wand isn't very absorbant. I would conitinue your search and skip this little find EVEN if it might be on sale.


Portland, OR


Great Lips RX Instant Lip Plumper

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