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Silky Hayauchi 21ft. Pole Saw

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An excellent, easy to use, pole saw.


The long blade of this saw cuts through even big limbs easily, while the sharpened protrusion at the base is able to just lop off smaller limbs. The handle offers several advantages over other saws. The oval shape makes it more rigid front to back than a round handle of similar weight, and it makes it easier to orient the cut. The handle telescopes in sections to four fixed lengths , rather than completely variable like most saws. The four lengths are enough variation, and it means that the handle can be secure by spring loaded buttons rather than the more common compression coupling. These buttons make for a more secure connection. Compression couplings never seem to hold their position. In short, this is the best hand pole saw you can get.

Marietta, GA


Silky Hayauchi 21ft. Pole Saw

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