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Siig Wireless Multi-Touchpads Mini Keyboard (JK-WRO312-S1)

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I got this wireless keyboard to use at work, but I found myself using it at home too! As far as wireless keyboards go, this one is very responsive, and the trackpad is a must! Before I had a seperate wireless mouse, this makes everything much easier. I use it with a projector, it's alot easier than holding the laptop. There is a small usb piece that has to be plugged into your computer. They know it will be something to get lost and the people at SIIG have even thought to put a little place in the back of the keyboard for it to snap into. I think it is magnetic, but unfortunately, it is not a very strong magnet because it falls out of its' little spot. I've had mine about 6 months, it's still going strong and I haven't lost the little usb piece, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I don't store the usb piece in the back of the keyboard though, because I don't trust it. Other than that, everything else has been great about this keyboard.


Phoenix, AZ


Siig Wireless Multi-Touchpads Mini Keyboard (JK-WRO312-S1)

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