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Microsoft Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard

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Excellent to use with Smart TV


Recently purchased this to accompany my new LCD/LED Smart TV. Found it easy to install and use. Performance Easy to set up and use. Mouse seems less smooth than the one used on my PC, but that could be because of the smart tv rather than the quality of the wireless mouse. Durability I've not had this very long, so am basing my rating on the experience I've had with previous Microsoft products. Design It has everything I need for using it with my television. Nothing fancy, though. Comfort Since I'm using it for a shorter period of time with my television, it's fine. However, if I were to use this with my PC, I would want a keyboard more ergo-dynamic because I'd be using it longer.

La Crosse, WI


microsoft wireless multimeida keybaord 1.1 model 1014 is quality


I have an iconcepts wireless keybaord that was very cheap. I go tthe microsoft ones since i have heard nothing but good comemnts abou thteir quality. It is very true this is a great wireless keyboard mouse combo unit. The battery life has been excellent on mine. Ofcourse I don't type that much on it. The mouse battery goes out faster then keyboard. i think it is becuase of the red light and use of mouse more. Wheen the battery gets low on mouse it stops respsonding I take out battery put back in and works again for a while. Finaly i got tirted of that so put in a new battery for the mouse and it has worked great after that. There is no rechargingle docs for these but that just means less clutter. I love the mute button on the keyboard makes you feel like you have a laptop with that nice abiolity. Also the play and pause buttons are nice if you want to control media while on couch. Those buttons don't work in all players sadly though. I attempted to use it as a remote , but ended up getting a MCE remote since then i could be on couch with soemthing lighter. Overall as a wireless keybaord it doesn't seem to mis picking up any keys for me if it is in range and battery is good. It isn't as fancy with bending arematicly liek the other models but it is very comfrotable for me to type of this reivew. I have nothing bad to say abou thtis keybaord for the right price defiently pick this up.

Schertz, TX


Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard


Everyone seems to hate the clutter created by the many wires necessary to set up a desktop computer and I am no exception. This led me to explore wireless options and to the purchase of a Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard. I was pleasantly surprised that not only did this solution free me from wires but it made my computing experience a bit easier. This keyboard and mouse combination features a wireless two button mouse with a scroll wheel, and a handy multimedia keyboard. The keyboard has features that make routine tasks even easier. Across the top of the keyboard you will find a row of buttons that I have found extremely useful. Do you want to open your email, just press a button. Did you open a website that about blasted you out of your seat with the audio, press another button to mute it, or others to turn the sound up and down. There are also buttons to play your music and videos, go to your home folder in your browser, open windows explorer, and even a button to open the calculator. If you want a wireless keyboard that makes quick work of multimedia tasks you have to try this one.

Pipestone, MN


Microsoft Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard

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