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Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 (B2L00002) Keyboard

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help my wrist and feels good when typing


My wrist hurt if I type on a regular keyboard or laptop too long. The ergo shape of this keyboard helps greatly. Performance The feel of the keys is good and solid. Like the lower profile keys. Durability No issues yet and I have had it for about a year. Design Like the extra buttons (volume and mute are the most used). good ergo feel and looks good. Comfort I have another ergo keyboard at work and I like this one better.



An affordable, quality keyboard


The Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 Keyboard is a very well-made keyboard for a bargain price that I absolutely recommend getting. I have used it daily for a couple years now and it shows no signs of age which is a testament to its build quality despite the low price. I bought it originally for use at home but found that the keyboard I was using at work was too cheap, and so I replaced it with the comfort curve. For one, it has a slightly ergonomic design with the curve design that makes it easier on the wrists than a traditional keyboard, which makes typing on it for long periods of time much more bearable and ultimately better for my wrists long-term. The function keys are also very useful, as I now would expect them in all my keyboards, with the calculator button and volume control being the most used. Also a great feature is that the curvature of the keyboard lends itself to a larger space bar which I am quite fond of, as it is one of the most used keys. The only question at this point is whether when considering a keyboard, do you buy this excellent keyboard or consider a full out ergonomic keyboard like the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard from Microsoft as well. That one takes more time to adjust to, but again will ultimately benefit your wrists long-term. I think that either is an excellent choice and would gladly recommend that anyone in the market for a keyboard consider these. For the price, the Comfort Curve 2000 is a must-have.

Seattle, WA


Microsoft Comfort Curve is a great keyboard!


I found the Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard after a stint with a keyboard that did not take orders well! I finally got tired of touching the same key over and over again, only to have other letters pop up on the screen and decided to go shopping for a new keyboard. This one appealed to me because it was neatly designed, I prefer the black color, and the price was right. I have had it for a year and a half or so now, and still love it! It has a calculator key, which  use tons, and also keys to adjust the sound on the computer. It also has keys to take you to your internet home page, internet, and search, plus back and forward. I have to admit that I don't ever use the internet keys, but they would be nice to someone who would use them. This keyboard has a great design and it works well. I read in another review of it that someone had trouble with the letters coming off the keys. I have not had any difficulty with mine on that note (or any note actually, it has been quite trouble free!). Overall I highly reccomend!

Portland, TN


Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 (B2L00002) Keyboard

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