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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Shark Infinity Bagless Vacuum

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This was one of the best "new" vacuums (older vaccums always seem superior somehow) until this year when it suddenly made a funny noise and sounded like it wanted to explode. It has not. It still picks up dirt (readily visible through the plastic) however the hose attachment is definitely not sucking much. The pet hair attachment was my all-time favorite vacuum tool- It was like a mini hand-held vacuum complete with rotating brush and everything... but it doesn't operate anymore due to the low hose-suction. It was extremely useful for cleaning couches, curtains, beadspreads, and all kinds of textiles aorund the home that gather fuzz. I don't even have pets and its amazing. However, we only got 3-4 years out of this machine and due to this I can't recommend it. Maneuverability Its not the most agile of vacuums but it did a decent job. Ease of Maintenance Its easy to empty when you get the hang of it. (first few times ARE rather confusing- as other's have mentioned). The difficult (or annoying) part to me is actually washing teh cyclones (the half of the canister with little tubes on top). They never do seem to get clean even when you shake it up. There is no access point except the water port. Also, in the lower section theres a mesh screen "pillar" in the center that you can't get wet, but you'd like to wash it. I feel like you need TWO vacuums to clean this thing. One to suck all the gunck out of this one after it gets filthy. Which is kinda weird if you ask me. Suction Performance I thought this unit did very well with suction. I"m not sure if the HEPA actually works or not. Seems to eliminate dust and I can see it "sucking in" when you hold it up in the air in the light. HOWEVER, after 3-4 years, this unit has started acting up and its lost major amounts of suction. I'm pretty disappointed but not surprised. Nothing that says "infinity" is really infinity these days. Versatility Versatility is above average with the pet hair attachment. Although I love it for cleaning everything form bedspreads to couches.... we inevitably ended up dedicating it to rugs. Specifically bathroom rugs. It really spruces them up nicely. Very easy and simple way to clean those. Design Good design (I think) but POOR longevity. I also don't prefer the wash method. Some parts are hard to wash. Also Its not easy to repair. Since it started making the funny noise (like a suction blockage somewhere) I have checked every accessible hole, port, unscrewed all screws and STILL no sign of a blockage. Need I say that bagless vacuums are also dirtier to empty? Durability Only 3-4 year lifespan before problems arose. Really i can't afford to spend hundreds on vacuums when it feels like every appliance needs replacing all the time. Where or where did "PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA" go? We need something better.



Still working... not sure for "Infinity" though


Not having the budget for the other "never loses suction" vacuum on the market, I decided to give this vacuum a shot. I purchased this in 2008 and it has been pretty reliable since. For the first year or so, I didn't know some of the things that needed to be cleaned (the cyclonic part)- but once I realized those little guys needed to be cleaned out, my vacuum has been working a LOT better. I wash the parts about every 2-3 months and I am really happy that most of them are in fact washable! My vacuum still seems to have pretty good suction as well. Any other vac that I have gotten in the past has NEVER lasted this long with the suction power. There are a few things that I do not like about the model that I have- the hose for the wand tool is quite heavy and tends to tip the vacuum over easily because it is top heavy. The handle on mine lost a part, I haven't a clue what part, so it turns just enough to be bothersome while trying to move the vacuum. OVERALL though, quite a good vacuum and I have 2 dogs and a son with a terminal respiratory condition, so I need to be very careful and vacuum very frequently!

West Palm Beach, FL


You have to be a pro to clean it and put it back together!


OK this vaccum sounded good from the packaging. It was supposed to be pretty powerful and that is what I was looking for. It also had a lot of bells and whistles. I was excited to get a new vaccum and thought this would be all I was looking for. However, it doesn't seem to have the power I was looking for once you'v e been using it for a while. I do like that you can set it for whatever kind of surface your vaccuming on and that it has a great easy to use removable handle/hose to get ceilings, corners and any other hard to reach area. The biggest problem comes with cleaning. It's a chore to take apart and to remember how it all goes back together. On top of that you have to hand wash all the pieces and the large foam filter piece has to be one hundred precent dry before you can use it again. So, if you are someone who would want to vaccum again quicky you won't be able to. In addition, it's hard to know when it's completely dry too!

Palo, IA


I must of gotten a lemon.


I bought this vacuum a while ago from Fingerhut and have not been happy with it at all.  The hose pipe did not assemble and they had to send me another one right off the bat.  Then the hose got plugged and wouldn't work at all until my husband took it apart and unclogged that and then the can that holds the dirt broke, so when you take it off to empty it the bottom does not stay latched and you have to hold it so all the dirt does not fall out.  I paid alot of money for this vacuum and am very disappointed in it.

Park Rapids, MN


Great all-around and for pet hair!


My mother actually sent this vacuum to me after hearing me complain and complain that all the other vacuums I tried could not get any of the dog hair off my rugs/carpets.   I have the pet care model because I have three dogs - two that shed considerably.  I like to have a clean house but hate to clean.  This vacuum is great - it really gets up the pet hair.  I don't have to go over and over areas, so the job is done quickly.  The upholstery attachment got stuck with the pet hair after a while and does not really operate fully anymore, but I can live without that attachment.  I definitely recommend this vacuum to anyone - whether or not you have pets!

Chicago, IL


truly love it,great on hardwood,tile and carpet


I built my home aproxametly 5 yrs ago. I have 4 kids and 2 dogs, I'm constantly cleaning hardwood floors, tile. carpet and vehicles. The first year we were in our home I went through 2 vacuums ( burnt up the motors ) then I decited to try the infinity shark w/ pet care system. Absolutly love it !!! It has stood up to my crazy cleaning. I love that I can wash everything out, and I mean everything. I never have to start my cleaning off with a dirty vacuum. I use my vacuum no less that 6 times a week, I have now owned it for a little over 4 years.

Farmington, UT


Suction is great, but pain to keep emptying out.


This vaccum was a lower cost alternative to the Dyson.  It works great, has good suction, however, it is a royal pain in the butt having to keep empying it out so many times.  I cant do my entire living room without having to empty it at least once before finishing the room.  We have a long hair dog, and that might be part of the reason why, but I also have to empty 2 or 3 times for 2nd floor where dog spends less time.  I dont like that some of the attachments cannot be hooked to the vacuum so I have a plastic bag hanging on it when it's not in use so I dont have to keep forgetting them whenever I use it.

Waukegan, IL


Shark Infinity Bagless Vacuum

3.7 7