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20280-01, DC41 Animal Complete, DC41 Animal Upright Vacuum w/ Tool
Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum

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Great for households with pets


A little heavy but oh so powerful. The auction is incredible, and it is so easy to use! Empties like a sream




Love this vacuum!


I have owned this vacuum for years now! It has been the best one I have ever owned! I purchased all the attachments with mine! ( would recommend them also) The only con : it's a really heavy vacuum!



I love this vacuum






Does wonders for pet hair! Best vacuum I've ever owned!


I have a 100 lb black lab that sheds constantly. This is the only vacuum that will pick up his hair and with ease! I would 100 % recommend this to any pet owner!


St. Louis


Fantastic, long lasting vacuum.


We have 2 small dogs and a toddler and this vacuum has been a life saver. Great suction and very easy to empty and clean. The way it's designed makes it easy to clean our stairs, ceiling fans, drapes, etc. We even use it to vacuum the little grates on the back of our TV's. It is a little pricey but we have had it ours for well over 5 years and it is still working great.




Love my Dyson!!


This Vacuum is so convenient! Light weight and powerful. The attachments are also easy to switch. Would recommend this to anyone.


College Station, TX


Perfect Vacuum


I just purchased my second dyson animal vacuum. I love how well it works and my first one has lasted a really long time. I have a large dog that sheds a lot and three small children. I use it on carpet as well as hard woods and it picks up everything! While it is an expensive purchase, it's totally worth it!


Overland Park, KS

We're hooked!


We took the leap and bought a dyson using credit from returning another vacuum we received as a gift. We are loyal dyson consumers now and probably will never buy another brand of vacuum! This baby SUCKS...in the best way possible! It is amazing to see everything it can capture in the canister after you are done when you aren't even able to visibly see debris/dirt on the floor! It is SO nice to not have to worry about bags or filters and trust it is doing it's job in not just rereleasing dust and dirt in the air. Great investment...very powerful!


La Crosse, WI


I Love Mine!!!


I love my dyson. It picks uo more than my old full size vacuum. I bought mine last year and I had no idea this little vacuum had such power. It's easy to assemble and it's lightweight. If anything gets caught around the brissles it's not a problem, the end that has the encased brissles come right off....and it opens up to you can get the string or whatever is caught there. And to empty it with a push of a button. No belts to ever worry about. And the filter inside the canister is reusable, you jist remove it, rinse it out, and let it air dry. I highly recommend this to anyone. If it can handle my household I know it can yours. I have 4 kids that are constantly dropping things on my carpet.




I use my Dyson every day and love it!


We have 2 dogs and 1 cat and carpet throughout the house so it can get pretty hairy around here if I don't vacuum every day. What I love about my Dyson is how much suction is has and how well it gets pet hair out of the carpet, off the couch and anywhere else it ends up. The hose extension is very handy for cleaning hard to reach areas, stairs, etc but you have to be careful not to pull too hard because the vacuum tends to want to tip over. I love that there are no bags to have to change out. The chamber that collects all the crud that get sucked up is easy to remove from the unit and there's a button you press that drops open the bottom for easy emptying into the trash. The whole vacuum is really easy to break down for cleaning and there are no tools needed to do so. I've had several different brand vacuums before getting my Dyson and not even one of them could even compare.


Fort Collins, CO


Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum

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