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Dyson DC14 Animal Cyclone Vacuum

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Truthful thoughts


It was average in vaccums for me. I would not say it was horrible nor the greatest. Over all for the price i am not sure i would buy this exact model again. For the most part it does its job, after many uses although seems to loose suction or seem not so powerful. It was amazing at sucking things up in the beginning. When i would extend the tilt on the vaccum back sometimes it would slide out of space and get stuck back and would not retract to a upright position. Appearance wise i would give this 5 stars. It is a really nice looking vacuum, but compared to others it only hits middle of the road for me




Great Vaccum!


I have had this vacuum for around 5 years. I really love it. It is easy to use and hadn't had any problems with it, except when something got stuck in vacumm but it was an easy fix once I realized the problem had nothing to do with the anything electrical.




This vacuum "sucks". LITERALLY!


This has been the most amazing vacuum we have ever owned. We have 2 small dogs and a toddler. Need I say more? So when it comes to the need for a good vacuum, it is essential. It has a long cord so so it reaches every room. The suction. Is incredible! Even with the attachments, the suction is still great. It's so easy to clean!! Just pop it off and pour it out. Snaps right back on. I use this on bare floors, furniture, blinds and even on lamp shades. You cant go wrong with it. We have had ours for probably 4-5 years and it's still going strong.




Can't get enough of my Dyson.


I have 4 dogs so vacuuming is a constant in my home. I have hardwood floors and large area rugs, my Dyson works great on both.


north carolina


Yes love it


Great reviews


Lonoke Arkansas


if you love stain you will love this one


I would recommend this vacuum especially if you have pets, this vacuum might be little heavy but it is well worth the buy, I have alot of animals and this vacuum sucks up great


Waynesville Missouri


powerful easy to use vacuum


we have been using Dyson DC14 Animal Cyclone Vacuum for a few months now and i love it, my boyfriend and i have 2 dogs and their hair goes everywhere fast but with this vaccum we don't have a problem controlling the situation. we use it on our carpets and sofas almost daily and it do the task perfectly every time. it has a very powerful suction and i don't find it too noisy. it s a little bit on the heavy side but not too much. i don't think Dyson DC14 Animal Cyclone Vacuum have the most slik designe out there but it is very efficient and rliable. you can store it in any closet easely even a small one(we have a tiny apartement so saving space is very important). i highly recommand it if you have pets and need a powerful vaccum.


london, ky


This vacuum is amazing!!


As a mom of 5 kids I am always cleaning up a mess!!! 5 kids and a dog you can't even begin to imagine the clean up I do daily. This machine has been amazing!!! This is my second Dyson and I love this one a lot more then my first!!! It's easy to use and really easy to clean with!!! If you are looking for a vacuum this is the one that you need!!!


Sevierville Tn


Best One Ever


I am a long time Dyson owner and have just added a dog to my family of four adults and two cats. My older Dyson had a problem with the seal where the canister attached. I returned it to the store and quickly got this newer version. Boy am I thrilled! Its suction is amazing and I can't believe how much dirt, pollen, cat and dog hair this vacuum is picking up. I also love that there are no more filters to clean in this model. I do use it on my carpeting, wood floors, and tile and it does a great job on all surfaces. It maneuvers easily and although it is a bit heavy, it moves itself as one vacuums. I also love how the air it pumps back out smells clean where as other vacuums smell like they are putting dust back into the air. I do wish that the width of the head was a bit more narrow because it no longer fits to the right or left of the toilet when I am vacuuming the bathrooms, or between some of my chair legs like previous models.


Upland, CA USA


Worth the Pricetag


My husband and I just recently purchased this Dyson DC14 Animal Cyclone Vacuum. At first I thought that he crazy to want to pay around $400 for a vacuum! But I must admit, he did his homework and really found the very best vacuum! For starters this baby really sucks! I was amazing at not only everything it was picking up, but how easily it was picking up everything, and how MUCH it was managing to pick up. Our old vacuum never came close to what this Dyson manages to clean up. I feel like it fills an entire canister every time that I use it. Speaking of canisters, it is so easy and clean to empty and clean out! No mess ever! I, for one, am never going back to a bag vacuum again. This vacuum is also light despite all of its power. It is easy for the average person to lift and move, as well as pushing and pulling across the floor. It is easy to maneuver and guide. We haven't had it for too long yet, but so far I am loving the sleek design and it is well-made and seems very durable.




Dyson DC14 Animal Cyclone Vacuum

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