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Schrock Kitchen Cabinets

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Schrock cabinets are terriblr


I also have had many troubles with schrock. I'm going on 3 months since I ordered and don't have what I need. The first order showed up after 3 weeks, but they were terrible quality. After many calls and emails, a rep has been out twice. Every door and drawer face and more is supposed to be remade. Of course they have lied to me about time lines... I can't get any answers out of anyone. Bottom line, I suggest anything but schrock cabinets.



Menards/Schrock kitchen cabinets


I would not recommend Menards home improvement center or Schrock cabinets. I went with the prestige maple kitchen cabinets from Schrock, purchased through Menards. What I have are doors that have two different stain tones on them one color is significantly darker than the other. As well as doors that have large gaps between doors to no caps between doors. I was also shorted shelf pins and when I went to Menards to inquire about this, I was treated as if I were lying about the shortage, to a huge contradiction, the sales rep. then said well I'm completely out of extra shelf pins, they send those to us from time to time since often times customers are shorted shelf pins. As if that were insult enough, I was required to purchase those that should have been given free of charge since I paid for them assuming they came with the cabinets, when I purchased the cabinets.

Indianapolis, Indiana


Schrock cabinets: Looks are deceiving!


Schrock now offers painted cabinets. They just started doing these, and little did we know we were the ginea pigs. Buyer Beware! Their quality control stinks!!! Schrock's first mistake was shipping us a cabinet that was the wrong size(it took 3 weeks to get the right size cabinet). This cabinet as well as the rest  had "Holidays"(light spots) which means not enough paint on them,this was all over the doors.Painted cabinets shoud be solid color(opaque!) We told the Schrock dealer of this and on his inspection of the cabinet doors had Schrock make us new doors.(This took another 2 1/2 weeks to get!) Dealer installed the new doors when we we'ren't home and when we came home we noticed that the doors again had light spots,apparently our dealer had not inspected doors before hanging them. This time Schrock sent  representatives to inspect our door's lack of paint. Before the reps arrived we decided to see if other areas were lacking paint, and sure enough accent trim and a couple of the cabinets sides were covered in "Holidays". When reps arrived we showed them the lack of paint by shining a spot light on them, and I said "See all the "Holidays", and the rep had not heard that term before. "Holidays" is a well used term in the painting field and this should have been known by this so-called expert. We told the rep that we did not want new doors made, but wanted Schrock to hire a local cabinet refinisher to repaint our cabinets and doors with plenty of topcoat this time. But, not a chance. Rep explained in a later phone call to us that the third set of doors were already ordered and would arrive in 2 weeks and that trim accents and a couple of sides of the cabinets would be repainted. New set of doors arrived(almost 3 months now since we started our renovation), and they looked pretty good, except there were a couple of doors with "holidays"(Schrock should get  'quality control' new glasses or install brighter lights in their factory). Another problem with the cabinets is the wood grain, some doors had incredibly smooth insides while the outside had a noticable grain, apparently the factory person who drilled holes for the hinges did not do an inspection of what side would be better facing out! Lastly, Schrock left us all the wrongly painted doors, this was fine since I figured I'd make some shelves from them. After cutting the first one I noticed that the doors were crappy partical board! Our dealer assured us we were getting MDF board. MDF is a more stable substrate and less likely to warp. We are extremely disappointed in this company. Nobody should consider buying from them. Image provided is of the lightly painted base cabinet that had to be repainted!

Branford, CT


Schrock customer service is non-existent.


We bought the Schrock cabinets in Nov 2009, gutted the bath in March 2010, and had the cabinets installed in April.  The cabinets look good and are what we expected, and the premium drawer slides are awesome.  Unfortunately, Schrock sent 3 left hand and 1 right hand 21-inch slides for two 18-inch base cabinets.  For two months we contacted Schrock to replace them without so much as an acknowledgement from Schrock Customer Service.  I learn fast and will not place another order from this company. 

Savannah, GA


Schrock Kitchen Cabinets

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