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Home Depot Custom Cabinetry

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Whether you rent or own, you will always have an idea for something to change or fix up around your home... I love using mypoints home depot gift cards just for that reason...Its like being a kid in a candy store when you can walk in a store and pick out products you need and know there free with mypoints rewards...I tell all my friends about mypoints and the great products and companys that back them...Lets face it, this day and time, who wouldn't like to be rewarded for doing what everyone loves to do everyday...SHOP!!!! Thank you MyPoints

Dublin, GA


high qaulity high price


me and my dad went to home depot and got a bathroom cabinet,sink,and,mirror,backsplash all for the low price of 800.00 lil high for me doing all the work so might be cheaper to have the pros do it might be cheaper without the head aches.

Salt Lake City, UT


stay away stay far away


Never buy your kitchen from a big Home Improvement Store. The salespeople are justs that sales people they are not designers and have no idea about the other things involved in designing, for example lighting, plumbing, construction matters......  They may get your kitchen within your budget but when it arrives you realize key pieces are missing... Wainscot or trim and they didn't tell you thats how it came in at budget.   I could go on and on....

Warsaw, IN


easy to work with


Purchased a kitchen from Home depo  staff were very helpfull and planned everything for me,Also came out & measure the foor plan. When browsing the showroom to find the kitchen I always wanted. I read all the horror stories, watched all the TV exposures and everywhere you go in search There were a wealth of knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and efficient people in the kitchen department. I had the Kitshen in 4 weeks. You're browsing the showroom nursing your ambitions to find the kitchen you've always wanted. Careful not to draw attention to yourself - after all, you've read all the horror stories, watched all the TV exposures and everywhere you go in search of your dream kitchen you feel a little like a lamb being led to the slaughter. Have you entered the lion's den? Well no, I don't think so. The good news is that there is a wealth of knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and efficient people in a kitchen showroom near you determined to shake off the bad image generated by some of their unscrupulous counterparts. The question is - how can you distinguish a sweet-talking salesperson from a dedicated professional? The truth is - it's difficult, but with a little preparation and sound knowledge you will be in a better position to prise yourself away from the clutches of eager "Arthur Daleys".  

Minneapolis, MN


Home Depot Custom Cabinetry

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