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Sanyo HPS-MC3 Rice Cooker

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**Sanyo HPS-MC3 Rice Cooker **is a reliable, sturdy, and great cooker for rice.  I truly love rice, and I always wanted to get a rice cooker.  Sanyo made a great machine that makes perfect rice. You throw some rice in and you let it do its work.  You can't ask for much more than that. It's easy to use, which is always nice for any piece of equipment in the kitchen.  The rice comes out with the right wetness that make the rice taste that much better!  Overall it has made me eat better, because I am incorporating rice with more meals which I love to do.  This is an item that lets you throw out any stove top rice preparations, and now you have rice made and ready for you at your convenience.  **Sanyo HPS-MC3 Rice Cooker **is well worth the money, which it was not that expensive, and it gives you the chance if your a rice lover like me to enjoy rice more often.  Do yourself a favor, and step in this rice cooker, and enjoy some great Rice !!!! 


Indianapolis, IN


sanyo rice cooker- a great surpirse


Whenever I would pass aisles with rice cookers in a homegoods store I would always wonder why they were so popular.  Why would I buy something only to use when I cook a meal that has rice in it?  I saw a large price difference in the rice cookers and wondered what coudl be the difference between how they cook rice.  All of this was cleared up when I received the Sanyo HPS-MC3 rice cooker.  It is fairly inexpensive even if I was only going to use it to cook rice and the majority of the time that I use it I am not making rice.  I had no idea of all of its functions until I read the helpful booklet that came with it.  The rice cooker has many easy to use settins that can be used to steam veggies, bake fruits or soften them, steam fish or chicken breasts and of course cook rice.  I have found this to be a far more effective way to steam veggies than the stove top and it requires less time.  You also do not needto watch over hte rice cooker while it works


Travelers Rest, SC


Sanyo HPS-MC3 Rice Cooker

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