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Sanyo ECJ-PX50S 5-Cup Rice Cooker

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best rice cooker EVER


I never knew a rice cooker could make me so happy.  If you are looking for a rice cooker, you should definitely shell out an extra 50-100 to get a pressure rice cooker because it does it all.  It cooks brown rice so fluffy and soft, it cooks white rice the same and it also slow cooks, steams, and keeps rice warm for days without going bad.   This beast in a beautiful form factor can make up to 10 cups of cooked rice and that is enough for any family.  The rice consistency is absolutely wonderful and completely even through and through.  I have never had brown rice this soft and fluffy before.  It is truly amazing. I've also used the cooker to tenderize beef stew.  I put it in the cooker in the morning and put it on slow cook and when I come home, all I have to do is throw it in a large pot add ingredients and beef stew is ready in less than 30 mins, with super soft and tender beef.  I've also made porridge which comes out wonderfully, steamed eggs in a bowl inside.  I've kept rice on "keep warm" function for more than 3 days and it is still the same as the first day I cooked it.  You can also make wonderfully delicious red beans, barley, green bean soups.    


Los Angeles, CA


Great little rice cooker


We got this rice cooker last year, because we wanted a way to cook rice quicker and tastier. This machine has since been fantastic although it sometimes takes awhile for the rice to cook. The rice always comes out delicious. On average it takes between twenty and thirty minutes to cook, although there is a quick option, and in my opinion the rice tastes the same if you do it quickly or regularly. The quick option takes about 17 minutes or so. It is incredibly easy to clean... you simply remove the bowl inside and the top circular part, wash it out with soap and water, and let it soak for a bit and you are good to go to make more rice! It is small and circular and takes up very little space in my crowded kitchen. Remember to add salt and make sure you put in just the right amount of water, because otherwise the rice will stick and will be hard and unpleasant to eat. However, the manual explains everything and will be easy to follow!


Lawrence, NY


Sanyo ECJ-PX50S 5-Cup Rice Cooker

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