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Sanyo ECJ-D100S Micom 10-Cup Rice Cooker

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This Sanyo rice cooker does brown rice, porridge, and stews!


This Sanyo rice cooker even has a feature to bake bread (but you have to do you own kneading.)  Not sure I'll try that - but I love setting up the cooker to complete the steel cut oats right when I wake up! Breakfast is ready when I am - and it keeps it warm while I do my workout too!  I have adapted it's programmable menus to make various slow cooked vegetable dishes (works well for company pot-lucks - food is HOT when it's time to eat.)  


Waianae, HI


My Sanyo rice cooker is the best


I am so impressed with this rice cooker-- the rice turns out perfect every time.  It can also be used as a slow-cooker, and has lots of options on the settings.  I love the fact that it will keep the rice warm if you cannot get to it as soon as it is done.  I previously had a slightly cheaper rice cooker that would burn the rice on the bottom, but this has never happened with the Sanyo.  After cooking, you just fluff the rice up and it's perfect.  Word of caution... Trust the manual when it warns you about the steam!  I accidentally got burned by it, and this thing puts out some seriously hot steam!   Also, be very careful when washing the metal pot that pulls out of the cooker, because if it gets scratched or bent, it will not cook the rice properly.  They even suggest that you place a towel or washcloth in the bottom of your sink when washing it, for protection.  I would definitely purchase again. 


Oklahoma City, OK


So much better than just a rice cooker!


I bought this rice cooker because my husband wanted me to cook brown rice more often.  But I have found the other features are a huge bonus.  I frequently make jambalaya and rice pilaf in this cooker and it never burns the rice.  For the price, this was a bargain!


Cleveland, OH


A cooks best friend


The Sanyo fuzzy logic rice cooker is worth it's pricey tag.  Having had a fuzzy logic and seeing how superior they are to a generic rice cooker I needed a replacement for my old fuzzy.  I chose the Sanyo.  Not only is the titanium bowl heavy so you don't get the browned or burned bottom; the measurements for all different uses are in the bowl so it is almost idiot cook proof.  The other advantages are not having to use a burner on your stove or having to monitor your rice.  Just let it cook and it will stay warm for hours.  I have never had a bad batch of any rice with this product and put it just below a fridge and stove and oven as a must have, unless you never eat rice.


Lemon Grove, CA


Sanyo ECJ-D100S Micom 10-Cup Rice Cooker

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