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Sanyo EC-510 Rice Cooker

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cooks white rice well


This rice cooker cooks white rice well. Doesn't work with brown rice. Make sure you follow all the instructions and use the measuring cup which comes with it.It is a very simple yet effective rice cooker. inexpensive too.Mine came with a vegetable steamer and it works well too. If you are in the market for a simple rice cooker which cooks white rice well and steam your veggies go for it.




Simple ricecooker


This is definitely a no-frills type of rice cooker. I've owned mine for 3-4 years now and it stills works as new. Certainly built to last. No fancy features whatsoever. Comes with an accessory to steam vegies, buns, etc that works very well. No digital display. Simple red light for cook, and orange light to keep warm. Up to 5 cups of rice. The stainless steel on the pot is still in perfect condition. The markings for how much water to add is very accurate. Brown rice cooks in about double the time white rice does. Brown rice also needs to be cleaned more thoroughly or the water tends to boil funny and runs down the side of the rice booker. It may be due to the brand of brown rice I buy, but just something I've noticed. Overall, very simply rice cooker that cooks rice as well as fancier models, but doesn't look as flashy doing it.


Claremont, CA


Cooks rice quickly


The Sanyo EC-510 Rice Cooker is easy to use and it cooks rice quickly. The clear cover makes it easy to see if the rice is fully cooked. Sanyo is a great brand that makes affordable kitchen appliances and their products last a long time. I bought the Sanyo Rice Cooker many years ago and it still works perfectly. It takes less than 15 minutes to cook a cup of rice. Just rince the rice, add water, cover the pot, and touch the on button and its ready to go! Not only is it easy to clean but it is also very affordable compared to other name brand rice cookers. You don't have to watch the rice cook since it cooks on its own without burning the rice! I would recommend buying the Sanyo EC-510 Rice Cooker if you like to eat a lot of rice and you want an appliance that is easy to clean. You can also take out the rice pot and put it in the refrigerator to store until you want to reheat the rice again.


Honokaa, HI


perfect rice every time


this rice cooker offers a steamer that gives you the perfect crisp tender on veggies. the rice is moist and tender every time. the first time using cooker it scorched the rice on the bottom but i used broth not water and this made the diffrence. only use water chicken broth causes it to scortch. this makes taking my lunch to office and making it there fresh a daily treat. comes with recipes that are good. it is small enough to tuck away easily . easy to clean and so far has stayed non stick .for size a little pricey but well worth it . cool touch unit rice stays warm for at least two hours so if called away no problem. no fuss just fill provided cup and pour amount of water called for well marked set it and let it do the work.cook the rice and steam the veggies or meat in the steamer with no touching of each other.cant go wrong with this one its built to last .so far any rice will do i use jasmine the most i use it every day almost and no problems to report/


Mount Dora, FL


Sanyo EC-510 Rice Cooker

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