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Saitek Eclipse Illuminated Keyboard

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excelent keyboard for low light conditions


I enjoy gaming on my computer, many days playing late into the night.  I would usually turn out the light in the computer room when my wife went to bed so that it didn't shine in through the vent over the door.  This however caused some problems with hitting the right keys on the keyboard.  Although I use the computer a lot I am by no means a touch typist, I have to look at the keybnoard  to see what I'm typing. With the Saitek Eclipse backlit keyboard I can easily see the keyboard in any light conditions.  The keyboard has 3 light settings, bright, dim and off.  I usually set it for bright when on the computer with the room lights off, and off when the lights are on in the computer room.  The keyboard I have shines with a soft blue light but it is also available in red and purple.  I understand the the newer Eclipse 2 keyboard allows you to select all 3 colors.  besides the lighting on the keyboard the keys all have a nice solid feel behind them with a smooth even movement on each key.  In conclusion I find this keyboard to be a valuable addition to my computer gaming system and would definitely recommend it to any computer user out there.

San Dimas, CA


Not as awesome as it could have been


I really wanted to like this keyboard but it has simply fallen short.  First, before I forget, what's the deal with no Play / Pause button?  Isn't that a fairly standard button these days?  The Volume Up + Down + Mute buttons are nice.  But those are the only 'bonus' buttons you get.  Come on...  Here's my BIG issue though:  The Lights.  They are fairly useless.  Sure, they light up, but they don't light up the characters on the keys very much at all.  Instead, they mainly illuminate the spaces BETWEEN the keys.  Look -I'm not a typest, ok.  I can't type blindfolded.  I would like to be able to actually read my keys.  But through years of use, I came to find that the button were easier to read when the LED light was totally turned OFF.  Yes, it's easier to just really on the light cast by my monitor.  I've since since to a sweet Logitech keyboard with NO lights.  But there is something it DOES have: a Play / Pause button!

Pittsburgh, PA


Favorite keyboard 8 years running


I ahve had this keyboard for almost eight years now and I still cannot stop singing its praises. The keys are very responsive (especially the jumbo sized spacebar!). But perhaps the best feature of this keyboard is its blue LED backlight. The light has three levels: High, Medium, and off which can be changed via the LED key right next to the volume control keys. I would have liked if Saitek had added media control keys as well as the ability to add macros for some other keys but I'm not complaining. I'm pretty sure they added those features on the newer version. I can't really think of any cons for this keyboard. It's sleek, light, and gets the job done.j If you are looking for a nice addition for your rig, look no further.

Providence, RI


Saitek Eclipse - Looks and Feels Great!


The Saitek Eclipse Illuminated keyboard works just as expected. There are 3 settings for the illuminated effect - off, bright, and dim. I use the keyboard everyday and so far I have had no stuck keys and no problems at all. What else is there to say? It is a minimalistic design with no extra fancy keys lining the side and top apart from volume and mute controls in the upper right hand corner. The keys are spaced well apart so that people like me with big hands have no problem accurately hitting each key. Since I play FPS games, overtime my a and s keys are pretty much faded completely away but it doesn't bother me one bit. All of my friends who have come over and seen the keyboard have had nothing but favorable things to say. There are clips on the bottom of the keyboard to lift it up but I myself prefer the flat layout. I have had the keyboard for about 3 yearas now. It is extremely affordable and durable. Until it stops working, I have no reason to need another keyboard. The Saitek Eclipse keyboard not only looks great but works just perfectly.

Fresno, CA


My Saitek Eclipse Keyboard makes me feel special.


I don't remember why I had decided to replace my old 'vanilla' keyboard, but I am so glad I did.  I have seen other keyboards that had 'quick hit' buttons to take you directly to your e-mail or to a favorite page, but I didn't need anything like that and would not have used them.  I know enough about computers that I could probably open my control panel and troubleshoot a priniting problem faster than I could have set up the one touch print button in the first place. The Saitek Eclipse  features a blue led blackit keyboard.  There are three lilght level settings, Bright, Low, and off.  It is a full sized QWERTY keyboard with seperate number pad.  Everything is in a 'standard' layout and so there is no getting used to this keyboard.  Everything is right were you would expect it to be.  I have a tendency to leave my keyboard lit all the time and after three years it has not went out on me yet.  With the exception of an occasional blowing out of the keypad, this has been maintenance free. There is absolutly nothing I do not like about this Keyboard.  It has all the features I want and need, and no extra buttions getting in my way and staring at me begging to be used.  I also find the blue glow to be comforting on some level as I sit at my desk late at night and type away on one project or another.  

Fort Wayne, IN


Saitek Eclipse Illuminated Keyboard

4.2 5