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Saitek Cyborg (pk17u) Gaming Keyboard

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Good keyboard


Another edit to my review, I was able to finally contact someone about this keyboard and the warranty, it originally comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty so all I had to do was box it up and ship it back to them and I got a new shipped out to me. New one had been working great, haven't had any of the keys wear off yet but also haven't had it as long as the other one yet. This is going to be an edit to my original review. I got this keyboard for christmas 2010, so I haven't even had it a year yet and the letters on the key are wearing off. I can no longer see e,r,t,y,o,f,g,h,l,c,b,n,m, also my number pad is glitchy even after cleaning it, sometimes 9, 6, and 3 just don't want to work unless I push it alot. This keyboard was good in the beginning but it hasn't even been a year and I'm experiencing these issues for the price of this keyboard, these issues should not be there. I have also looked at the website trying to figure out if there is a warranty on the keyboard at all and I can't find anything on the website. Not to impressed anymore. I have been looking for a new keyboard that would have backlighting.  I'm a gamer and was not necessarily looking for a gaming keyboard but the options for multimedia keyboards with backlighting are very slim.  Well I got this other keyboard that lit up in blue, red, and purple and after plugging this other keyboard in it went on the fritz and stopped working we exchanged it for this one.  And even though this one doesnt have blue or purple coloring on it, which I though was a big deal,  Im very happy with the quality and the ease of use with the Cyborg.  The keys all seem to be where they should be compared to a regular keyboard, no having to get used to keys being different. The colors are nice, love the option of the different shades of color (red, amber, yellow, green, green/yellow) and being able to also control the brightness with 4 settings.  Have not gotten a chance to use the macro keys, dont know if I will.  The games I currently play dont really have the need for macro keys.  It is bigger than the normal keyboard but also smaller than some of those multimedia gaming keyboards that I have looked at.  All in all, I would recommend buying this keyboard.  Durability On second keyboard, some of the letters on the first keyboard actually wore off.

Glencoe, MN


really comfortable gaming key board that impresses many people


This keyboard looks really cool its so cool when your friends come over and they see how nice your keyboard is as compared to theirs which is all stock or maybe a little aftermarket. You can also do lots of gaming with this so its looks really nice and its uses are pretty good, I really the the support and the top controlls its perfect for watching movies and so on hulu or other stuff like that. The only thing that I dont like is how its wireless I mean your not going to be moving a key board around so why make it wireless you have to change the batterys so often wireless mice are a different thing so thats another review. When you open the keyboard and use it for the first time some of the keys may be a little firm for a while but after a few essays or so they should soften up and have a nice feel to them, what i dont like is how expensive it is for a keyboard but hey thats what you get for really good quality So in a way its totaly worth it and if your looking for a good gaming keyboard you should get this.

Montville, NJ


Saitek Cyborg (pk17u) Gaming Keyboard

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