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SUN-MAR Compost Sure, Green (Box of 5 - 8 gallon bags)


Compost Sure (Green) has been specially formulated for use as bulking material in all Sun-Mar self-contained units and in all waterless central units. Compost Sure (Green) is a mixture of hemp core (stalk) and course sphagnum peat moss. Compost Sure (Green) facilitates composting by physically mixing the waste to present more surface area for breakdown. It holds moisture to help maintain the moisture content in the compost.

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The best for Compost toilets


This is not a very popular product to discuss but is in higher demand than most people realize. When you have a compost toilet like I do it is extremely important to have a compost mix that is going to absorb odors and last long while also being kind to the environment. I love that hemp decomposes where as many other so-called great compost brands use wood chips or shavings that do not decompose completely. I am also quite impressed with how long one 8 pound bag will last me and how easy and fast it is to mix up. Making my own compost may be more inexpensive, however it is worth the couple extra bucks to purchase SUN-MAR Compost because it saves a lot of time and a lot of mess! I used to not be able to find it all the time in local stores but now that I found a reliable online seller of it I never run out. I highly recommend SUN-MAR compost versus any other compost on the market because I think I have tried them all.



SUN-MAR Compost Sure, Green (Box of 5 - 8 gallon bags)

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