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NuVue Products
NuVue Products Heavy-Duty Winter Shrub Cover


22" Winter Shrub Cover

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Not sure what I was thinking.....


In theory, these are a great idea so I purchased four of them. The material looks like a cross between corduroy and grass, which is fairly attractive for the garden/yard. After I (finally) received them, I was dismayed. I HATE putting things together. I am the opposite of an engineer, and my husband isn't much better. Okay, these don't quite require an engineer's graduate degree, but still not easy to work with the spindly poles it comes with. At first I thought, great these covers are going to work wonderfully and be very effective. Until it snowed. And I mean really snowed. They were weighted down by the snowfall we had; two of them were ruined because their poles were all wrecked. It does't matter how close together or how far apart you put the stakes in, if the weight is too great, they're going to crumble. They're effective to use in cold weather where you don't experience a lot of snow, but when snow comes all at once or in quick succession, they aren't going to hold up.



Beats dead shrubs


Where we live, there is always too much snow to go around. As a home owner in a higher maintenence community, I have to stay on top of lawn care and overall appearance. The NuVue Shrub Covers are a small investment that can really save you some time, effort and money in the end. Prior to my purchase, I had a shrub pretty much die once the Spring Time from rotting that was caused from all the weather it couldn't withstand after a really awful bout of snowing and thawing cycles. I had to hire a professional to assess all the damage and remove the shrubs and then work on replacing them. That was when I received the tip about NuVue. After installing the covers, my shrubs were protected from the elements but still were able to receive the sunlight they needed. They came with four stakes for secure placement and I really didn't have any issues with them after that point. I got them for under thirty dollars and can attest to the fact that they are more than worth the small investment. Replacing shrubs can get expensive and take a lot of effort as well. It's worth the peace of mind it provides.



NuVue Products Heavy-Duty Winter Shrub Cover

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