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Hydrofarm JSV2 2-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System

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Very Nifty


- I love seeing people use things like this very economical you know? Oh, and don't forget the bright light it gives off!! Gotta love that and the warmth it gives your plants. I have been interested in gardening and the plant scene for a couple of years now, and I love when I get soemthing new to grow and this is very costly but well worth the results it is good for tomatoes, basil, peppers, any kind of flower that is not that delicate ones I think everyone who is interested in planting and gardening should def. think of purchasing one of these grow lights they don't lie when they sy two foot they are big, not sturdy but it doesn't take a genious to figure out where the best spot is to put it where it is safe. I don't put it around ny kids or animals they could get burned or knock it over and what a mess that would be huh? Look into getting one of these nifty lights if your are in the market for something to spoil your plants and veggies!

Mabank, TX


Hydrofarm Grow Light System is a fun item.


Many Americans have decided to grow a garden in this economy to save on the grocery bill. We had a bad experience last year trying to buy the plant sets we wanted, as everyone else wanted the same things. This year, we're starting our own. The Hydrofarm Grow light System is easy to use. The whole contraption takes up very little space. We've already eaten some lettuce that we grew indoors, and it's only February! Our tomato plants are going to be bigger and heartier than greenhouse plants, that's for sure. And we'll have a good jump start on cucumbers, onions and radishes. The staples for canning include green beans. We started those already and have moved the growing plants to our three-seasons porch to catch sunlight and give us more room in the Grow Light. I am sure we will use this light system for many years to come and will save a lot of money, not only on the foods we grow, but by starting out with seeds and not buying plant sets from someone else. Great product!

Montrose, IA


hydrofarm is great


Yes i like the hydrofarm,because we can have fresh vegtables all the time.this is a very good thing to have in the winter when you can not get the vegtables you want at a good price.I also like that you can grow herbs in it to .So many times you need fresh herbs and can not find them.If you are a health nut this is a must to have...

Weiser, ID


Growing Like a Weed


I purchased this grow light system in order to have fresh vegetables through the winter. I live in Colorado so our outside growing season is quite short plus it is a very dry climate. The light worked fabulously. In no time, my tomatoe, cucumber, and onions were sprouting and I was amazed that each day there would be noticeable growth. The plants were not only growing like weeds, they were healthy too! The set up is very convenient and fits perfectly in the small porch room I have it in. It looks nice and I could not be happier with it. The price was affordable and the quality is great. I have recommended this product to my friends and family and several have purchased it. They to are quite pleased. The assembly was very simple and I usually have issues with assembling even the easiest products. I doubt I will need to replace the bulb for a while but they are affordable when the time comes. I love my light system and think I may just keep it going in the summer too rather than grow anything outdoors.

Norwood, CO


Hydrofarm JSV2 2-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System

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