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Rival 4071-WN Electric Kettle

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Not Good


This kettle has so much wrong with it. I bought this when I started college, and it was all right for getting some hot water going every once in a while, but the negatives far outweigh the positives of a cup of hot chocolate or tea. This is completely plastic, except for the metal plate inside. I can't imagine that it is safe to have boiling water surrounded by plastic, there must be so much plastic chemical leaching its gross to even think about. Plus, the metal plate inside it quickly got discolored and odd looking. This was impossible to clean off, so I don't even know what else was getting into the water. The only plus is that I did get a lot of use out of it and it was still functioning correctly when I decided I had to stop using it for my health, and that was about 2 years after I bought it. I upgraded to a stainless steal electric kettle with an auto off function. Way better, safer, and cleaner.



Convenient and works great!


Love the fact that it automatically turns off after it comes to a boil. The cordless base is convenient to pour and wash without having a cord trailing behind. Heats water very quickly. Faster than the Microwave! Coffee, tea, soup, it's perfect for anytime. For the price it is a good value.



Compact Kettle


**This little hot pot express is easy to lift and pour and boils water or soups fast,is cool to the touch and has a wide pour spout features a flip top lid and thirty two ounce capacity you can even heat vegetables and stews in this little kettle has non stick surface, adjustable thermostat allows you to select the temperatures from low to high, I am real impressed by it's speed, I purchased this kettle for using at my place of work, plan on purchasing another for a friend as well, recommend this kettle for one person service, does not take up a lot of room and would be easy to store. Revised review, this kettle started to leak when it was six months old, this is why I changed the rating and review, although this kettle was fast to the boiling point, it survived light use only six months, this is poor value and I will not be purchasing this brand of kettle again nor will I endorse this brand as being good value or a great value.**  

Rosamond, CA


I like my Rival Electric Water Pot/Kettle


I don't brew hot tea that often, but I still love it. There are times I just don't want the taste of coffee (or to wait for it to brew) - or I'll entertain people who won't touch coffee. What I love about my Rival Electric Kettle is how fast and easy it is to boil water - no matter how much I need. I can boil a whole pot, or just a cupful - in almost no time at all. The pot stays fairly cool to the touch, and doesn't have a lot of pieces to keep track of or clean. It's also fairly compact - easy to find a nice spot in my kitchen. It's not a top of the line unit - it may look less durable then other models, but it has lasted a few years for me (and still has quite a bit of life left.) Anyway, I'm not looking to decorate with it - just to drink from it. The only downfall is that the metal plate inside the unit has turned orange - I've tried to get that off, but it's stubborn. The tea still tastes good, though.

Alexandria, OH


Rival 4071-WN Electric Kettle

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