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Pressure Washers
Ridgid 3000 PSI 2.6 GPM Premium Pressure Washer

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imagine my disappointment when the soap wouldn't work


I liked the idea of a Subaru engine, as the one-arm Briggs & Stratton workouts are a pain, and it does start in one pull. However, the soap dispenser didn't work - the design of the tubing attachments puts all sorts of kinks that block flow, and the valve design looks like it might last a week with the little rubbet gaskets wedged against the knob - any air leaks, and forget it. Anyway, after much contorting to try to get it to work (and yes, I read the troubleshooting, and there was soap in the container, and there was water flow, and all that) and about 3 inches of soap went into the line, and that was it. A pretty cheap valve for the other apparently sturdy components on the unit, but if it is a pressure washer that doesn't apply soap, isn't it a pressure rinser?   A. Noid

Beverly Hills, CA


Rigid 3000 Powerwasher Excell cept 4 Nonworking Soap Dispensr


First time user of Rigid 3000 enjoyed the ease of putting it together. Very powerful used a roto nozzle worked great and fast on my vinyl siding and my pavers. Disappointed that the soap dispenser was totally useless??? WTF. Don't get that one...Enough has been written about the non functioning soap dispenser for some someone in Corporate to to have read it and dictate to FIX IT! I give it a 4 rating at this point. Long term is or may be another issue.

Huntington Station, NY


The Ridgid 3000 PSI, 2.6 GPM...well it's the bomb!


Buying the Ridgid 3000 PSI, 2.6 GPM is the best tool I have bought in a long time! Guess what people???  You only have to pull the start rope ONCE!!! I am not even kidding, following the choke instructions, I have not had to pull the started rope twice, it cracks on ***every time** *with one pull. I use it for work and I haul it in a little Ford station wagon; the colapsable handle is awsome, just fold it and I can load it by myself. I can't say enough good things about it.  It's even cool looking ! Tony

Fernandina Beach, FL


At last i don't have to return to the store...


This Rigid Pressure Washer is a powerful and useful machine. It has the power needed for all household chores. It comes with a "Subaru" engine that works great, it was very easy to assemble and the three high pressure nozzles tips that are very easy to attach to the stainless steel coupler. Some of it's characteristics are; for storing the nozzles it brings a a holder and spring clip that you can attach to your belt for quick and easy tip change, It has a I 1/4 gallon container holder for easy use of detergents, also has a dual power nozzle for use with detergents for short and long range use, it can reach up to 30'. You also have a detergent control dial, so you can change between on board or external detergent container. The machine's handle and on-board accessory's compartment, fold down for easy set-up and storage.  The most impressive part of this washer is it's power, this Subaru engine and maintenance free Axial Camp Pump, really works great  together and without so much noise. Before this one, I had bought two other washers about the same power and cost from principal brands. It's astonishing how some products just don't work the way they're intended. I had to return both of them for serious defects in the machines. I've had this Rigid machine for 9 months, and I've use it for all kind of duties; deck and garage cleaning, for car washing and other house chores. But the most impressive challenge that made me be real glad I bought was cleaning the concrete roof and garage entrance. It did so a marvelous job without so much effort, that I was very impressed. I had to clean this concrete (40 years old) very clean because it was for sealing it with commercial roof sealers that need the concrete very, very clean fro them to work.  I'm really sure that this machine deserves to be recommended,

Carolina, PR


Ridgid 3000 PSI 2.6 GPM Premium Pressure Washer

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