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Rexall Ultimate Probiotic Formula Acidophilus

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Rexall Acidophilus Prevents Yeast Infections


  Rexall Acidophilus.  When my Grandmother was living with us we purchased this product.  My Grandmother was constantly getting Bladder and Urinary Tract infections as a result of having to change her catheter every 30 days.  This would result in having to give her Antibiotics to clear it up.  And as most of us know... Antibiotics end up causing Yeast Infections.  A vicious circle indeed. After several infections my Grandmothers doctor put her on a regiment of Antibiotics daily.  She had to take 1 pill twice a day to stop the infections from happening.  And that they did.  After being put on daily Antibiotics she never had another infection.  But she did get those Yeast Infections. I was complaining one day to my mother-in-law about this and she asked if we were giving my Grandmother Yogurt.  We weren't, but what did Yogurt have to do with Yeast Infections?  It was then that she told me that Yogurt contains the natural bacteria that your stomach has in it to keep your intestinal tract healthy and thus avoid Yeast Infections. Well, that sounded just like the trick to solve our problem.  Next time we went to the store we brought home a ton of Yogurt in various flavors.  NOTE TO SELF:  NEVER buy something for Grandma without asking first.  She might not like it.  And that is what happened.  Grandma HATED Yogurt with a passion and would not eat it let alone even take one bite of it.  So much for that idea.  Hehehe. Next phone call to my mother-in-law and that was when she told me about Acidophilus Pills.  Oh my gosh.  Pills Grandma would take.  I HAD to get some which I did the next time we went to the store. We purchased the Rexall Ultimate Probiotic Formula Acidophilus.  OK... I know it doesn't matter, but they are in a real pretty lavender bottle.  Hehehe.  And to be honest with you I think that is why I chose them... they appealed to me. There are 60 Rapid Release Caplets in the bottle.  They contain 2 Billion Active Cultures.  They contain NO Artificial color, flavor, sweetener, preservatives, sugar, starch, milk, lactose, soy, gluten, wheat, yeast, fish and are sodium free.  All those things were important to me for my Grandmas health.  The directions say to take 1 to 3 a day with a meal.  We gave Grandma one in the morning and one at night.  We did not give them with meals as many of her medications needed to be taken on an empty stomach.  Despite not taking them with a meal she had no ill effects.  They did not upset her stomach or give her gas.  They did not bother her at all. They are just a standard size.  Much like a Tylenol Caplet.  Very easy to take.  They are smooth and go down easily. Rexall Acidophilus was not priced high at all.  They were comparatively priced with the other Acidophilus on the shelf at the time.  Thus price was not an issue when purchasing them. My Grandma took these pills for the rest of her life right along with her Antibiotics every day.  After putting her on the regiment of Rexall Acidophilus she never once had another Yeast Infection.  It is very obvious to me that the Rexall Acidophilus WORKS!  After almost a year of Yeast Infections to almost 3 years of NO Yeast Infections is proof enough to me that this is one heck of a great product. As I am a Diabetic every so often I feel a Yeast Infection coming on as a result of my blood sugar being way high.  When this would happen in the past I would call the doctor to get a prescription.  After seeing the great results with my Grandma using the Acidophilus the next time I felt a Yeast Infection coming on I decided to give these little pills a shot.  I took them for 3 days and my Yeast Infection was gone.  Just like that... easy as pie... it was gone. I now keep a bottle on hand even though Grandma is gone.  I have it there to use should I get another Yeast Infection.  And I have to say... I'm sure thankful that my Mother-In-Law told me about it. If you want to just keep your intestinal tract healthy or if you get Yeast Infections I would suggest that you give Rexall Acidophilus a shot.  It worked for me and my Grandma very well.  It is a good product, at a low price, does not contain a bunch of bad things and most important of all... IT WORKS!

Townsend, MT


Rexall Ultimate Probiotic Formula Acidophilus

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