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Nature's Way
Nature's Way Vitex Fruit

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Nature's Way Vitex


When I reached about 40, my hormones suddenly went haywire. I started to get bad adult acne that lasted for months despite all the prescription wash and cream I applied topically. My period would turn irregular for months which rarely happen when I was younger. My doctors said it was not menopause, and they couldn't find anything seriously wrong. After a few years of testing at no avail, I decided to try some herbal suppliment. The first one I decided to take regularly is chasteberry fruit because it is not as intrusive as other herbs. Within a few month of taking Vitex and using the same topical treatments, my acne subsided and finally stopped reappearing all together. My period is more regular and lighter. I read some people who had persistent problem with depression may experience worsen mood swing after taking Vitex. But luckily, I have not experienced much mood change since taking Vitex. I guess every body reacts differently. Since Nature's Way Vitex is the only chasteberry I've ever taken, I can not compare to other brands. But the capsules, though good size, are easy to swallow. I take one daily before bed and never got any upset stomach from it. Manufacture suggests to take a higher dousage for the first 6-8 weeks. But I take only one capsule since day one because I don't take herbal supplement often. I've been taking Vitex for a few months and It's been working great so far.


Fremont, CA


Vitex worked for my PCOS!


I have struggled with PCOS since I was in my lower twenties. I had my first baby when I was eighteen and had no trouble conceiving. When I entered my twenties and married my husband, we decided to have a child together. I figured it would be no problem, considering my first was a surprise. I was terribly wrong. I started on the roller coaster of infertility just to be diagnosed with PCOS. I tried everything through the years and I found myself reaching forty with my symptoms getting worse, rather than better. I decided to try the natural way of doing things. Nature's Way Vitex Fruit was my first try. I started out taking a pill twice a day for two weeks, then a pill each day. I continued on this path for several months and found that my cycles started coming regularly and my pain was reduced to just a twinge on one side or another, once a month. My extra hair growth slowed down. Things just went a bit smoother for me. I never used birth control anymore, because I had such trouble conceiving my two middle children. My kids are all about seven years apart. Silly me, I didn't stop to think that the little 'twinge' was me ovulating, something I never did without fertility meds. So here I am with a 'surprise' 40th birthday present of a beautifully little girl. Twenty three years after my first. Vitex did a great job with my PCOS...buy if you try it for yours...use birth control if you are done having kids!


Kearney, MO


Nature's Way Vitex relieves painful hormonal bloating


I used Vitex from several companies and ended up sticking with Nature's Way due to the cost and availability. It is awesome at reducing painful monthly bloating. I took it for several years prior to having a hysterectomy. It is indispensable for mamograms!!


Jacksonville, FL


Nature's Way Vitex Fruit really is a premium product.


I have uterine fibroids and hypothyroidism. I began reading that Vitex can work with the pituitary gland to stimulate certain hormones and balance out any that are not up to par in my body. Nature's Way was already a brand I trusted for quality, so when I found out they had Vitex, I tried it. I was surprised at the miligrams which they certified were in each capsule. It was more than others I had thought to try. About 8 weeks after I began taking it, I saw a noticable difference. I would recommend this product and brand to anyone.


Novinger, MO


Nature's Way Vitex Fruit

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