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Vitamin World
Vitamin World Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg

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Vitamin World Evening Primrose Oil helped my migraines!


I was suffering from migraine headaches on an almost daily basis. I tried Evening Primrose oil to see if it would help a different issue I had going on. After 2 months I didn't see any improvement with that but soon realized my migraines were getting less and less frequent. By the third month I realized that I hadn't had a migraine for the entire month. I started out taking them 3 times a day. After 12 weeks I went down to 2 a day and I still haven't had a migraine! I actually rarely get headaches at all anymore. It's well worth it to me to take 2 of these Vitamin World Evening Primrose Oil capsules instead of taking OTC migraine medication on an almost constant basis. As a added bonus my facial skin looks amazing! It was dull and dry before I started the Evening Primrose Oil and now it is bright and healthy. I also have less blemishes. All in all this is a great product for me. I couldn't be happier.


Canton, OH


Essential for a woman


Like the previous review, I give enthusiastic thumbs-up approval for Vitamin WOrld Evening Primrose Oil. Whether your problems of hormonal imbalance and need for their regulation is mild or strong (in which case you SHOULD consult a certified medical professional anyway:P), it is a very gentle, safe and effective way to regulate the travails of being a woman. I take it specifically to keep Pre-menstrual syndrome under control: psychologically it makes the mood swings, physical discomfort much more manageable, and you do feel actual physical benefits of easier transitions in and out of the hormonal fluctuation in the monthly cycle. If accidentally skipping dose, I don't just notice the difference, but pay for it tenfold in the emotional and physical grueling. Still, this is NOT a miracle pill and must be accompanied by proper diet (enriched by healthy oils, not overcooked vegetables, etc.) and adequate exercise to get through the monthly "womanly blues".


Plano, TX


I cannot live without Evening Primrose Oil.


Evening primrose oil is a life saver as I have been known to be quite moody at times! This little herb works wonders. One 1000mg pill quiets the nonstop chattering in my head, makes me 100% less irritable, and calms my obsessiveness. Sounds way too good to be true, and I don't blame anyone for being a skeptic, all I can say is, "try it. Now."  Although I had to type in a particular brand of evening primrose oil, I do not feel there is any difference between brands, and I have used many. Just find the cheapest one, be it a sale, or buying in bulk, and stock up! I do recommend buying the 1000mg.  This is not something that needs to build up in your system to work, it usually kicks in within an hour. Although I take evening primrose oil every day, I have yet to take it on a regular schedule,  I just pop one when I feel overly moody. I sometimes experience a light drowsiness, but nothing more than a yawn or two.  The only con I have is that the pills are pretty big and they are in gel form, so you won't be able to cut them in half to make taking them easier.  Seriously, try this product.


Kenosha, WI


Vitamin World Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg

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