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Reliant Lovaza 1 g

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Lovaza really helps lower bad cholesterol better than lipator


My Cholesterol levels were so bad out of control and I had been taking Lipator for years and it was not helping my cholestrol. Always felt sluggish and tired. Could not get rid of my belly fat even watching what I ate . Until my doctor put me on Lovaza I take it twice a day one in the morning when I get up and at night when I go to bed and along with watching what Ieat I feel much better not tired all the time have alot more energy and have managed to loose my belly fat. Not to mention that my hair has a beauitful shine to it and my skin is not dry any more .Never thought that fish oil would help as much as it has in lowering my cholestrol levels. You can only get Lovaza through from your Doctor you can not get it over the counter and the best part about it Insurance pays for it well mine does and all I have to dfo is pay my co-pay.Lovzaz does not make me sick to the stomach like the Lipator does.My blood pressure is under control now that I am taking Lovaza to help control my cholesterol. I feel so much better. I have been able to loose weight something that I was not able to do in the past no matter how I tried. I truely believe that by taking Lovaza has helped with my cholesterol and this in turn has helped with the blood pressure and just an all around feeling of feeling better. I would recamend Lovaza to anyone who is having an issue with cholesterol. Ask you Doctor to see if its right for you and along with a healthy diet your cholesterol levels should go downand you will feel much better. 

Toledo, OH


Reliant Lovaza 1 g

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