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Crestore 20mg.


After Stent installed. Crestore 10mg has lowered my ldl from 210 to 100 with no side effects in 2 months. . (66 yr old man} My ldl goal is 70 with 20mg in next 6 weeks. No side effects so far with the new 20mg. July 4, 2012




Helped lower my high cholesterol


Crestor has made a BIG difference in my cholesterol numbers. My cholesterol readings were over 300 points and my doctor started Crestor 5 mg and increased it to 10mg. It has now come down 140 points and is totally normal. I haven't changed my diet MUCH and can only attribute the lowering to this terrific drug. My doctor likes it so much he told me he started his own wife on the same drug--I figure, if he likes it that much, it's good for me! I have had no side effects at all even though you can get leg cramps. Also, Astra Zeneca (the company that makes the drug) offers a discount program and mailed me a discount card. This saves a portion of my copay every single month when I get the prescription filled at the pharmacy. As they say, every little bit helps!


Warrington, PA


Generic Equivalents Do Not Match


I have familial hypercholesterolemia, which is a fancy way of saying that the high cholesterol gene runs in my family.  Despite attempts to lower my total cholesterol of 297 with strict diets and exercise, the 9 point reduction from eating oatmeal and other high fiber,whole grain foods, and eliminating all sources of dietary cholesterol and saturated fats was inadequate.  My doctor started me on a "statin" drug, the category of drugs that are designed to lower cholesterol.  After 90 days of being on the generic equivalent of Pravachol (pravastatin) at 40 mg/day and continuing on my healthy eating regimen, my cholesterol dropped to 237.  This still left me in the high risk range for developing coronary heart disease.  My doctor switched me to 40 mg daily of ***AstraZeneca Crestor***.  Within 30 days my cholestrol dropped to 163.  Even better my good cholesterol (HDL) was over 50 from 33, and my LDL dropped from 235 to 99.  One additional benefit that you need to be aware of is the drop in a marker of inflammation called C-reactive protein, or CRP.  CRP has been shown to be an independent risk factor for heart disease, meaning that even if you have normal cholesterol levels and no other known risk factors (smoking, diabetes, family history), you could still be at risk if your CRP level is high.  The American Heart Association suggests being at a level below 3 mg/L to be at low risk for heart disease.  Mine was 7.3 when I started taking pravastatin.  It dropped to 6.1 after being on that generic drug for 90 days. After just 30 days of Crestor, mine dropped to 1.7.  I just read that the Crestor "Jupiter" study showed the exact same thing, that even in people with normal cholesterol who were treated with Crestor that dropping their CRP levels reduced the incidence of heart attacks and other vascular diseases like stroke.     My advice is to talk seriously with your doctor about switching to Crestor.  Then insist on getting tested for a full cholesterol panel AND high-sensitity CRP.  My dentist actually makes these testing products available to me through a company called Healthy Heart Dentistry (healthyheartdentistry.com).  Not to get off the subject, but this convenience provides an ideal way to check these levels while I'm getting my teeth cleaned. I will be reviewing these products in the months to come.         After being on Crestor now for over 18 months, my cholesterol remains at a healthy level of 160, and my CRP is 1.5.  No side effects whatsoever, so let this serve as a positive unbiased review of a great product that is well worth paying for the brand name.


Lombard, IL


Crestor works well with diet and exercise


**Crestor is one of the leading medication for lowering and controling high cholestrol with a healthy diet and moderate exercise.  I prefer to take this medication at bed time, because it seems to work better and takes away the negative side effects.** **Medication of all types has some adverse reactions, so we must read the precautions and consult with our physicians and the pharmacist to make sure we know the risk and effectiveness, so we can benefit from the use of them.** **Cholestrol medications are beneficial to us to help lower the deadly plaque that often bills up in our arteries.  These statins must be taken as prescribed and blood tests has to be taken in order to monitor the liver and kidneys to make sure they are working effectively and not causing serious damage.  Should damage occur, it might be better to gradually tappered off.  Constant supervision by a medical profession is highly reccomended.**


Ladys Island, SC


I tried crestor and ended up calling EMS.


Crestor was given to me as a sample for high cholesterol.  I was at 245 and unable to get it down without prescription.  I had a severe reaction to this medication.  It caused severe pain throughout the body, with vomiting.  I had diarrhea and chest pains.  So this medication is not for everyone.  My son is on it with no problems and it is working for him. Some medications are great for most of the people, but some do cause severe reactions and should not be taken.   


Boerne, TX


crestor for high cholesterol


My sister suffers from high cholesterol and diabetes.  Over the past few years she has increasingly gained weight and her sugar and cholesterol have gone up to intolerable levels.  Not only was she given a restrictive diet she was prescribed medicine for both conditions that being Crestor for her high cholesterol.  She is a tough cookie.  She doesn't like to take the doctors advice about dieting so it is essential that she take her medicine to keep her situation in check.  Since taking crestor her cholesterol level has significantly declined and we do give it credit.  Along with diet crestor lowers your bad cholesterol levels and raises the good cholesterol.  It is proven to slow the buildup of plaque in the arteries as part of a treatment plan to lower cholesterol. Crestor offer a 30 day free trial and if you can't afford your medication AstraZeneca can help.  If you suffer from high cholesterol it is recommended as it will do you and your heart good.


Bloomfield, NJ


Crestor has made a difference in my Cholesterol numbers.


Crestor has made a difference in my cholesterol numbers. AstraZeneca also has a great cholesterol management program that raises awareness of things in addition to medicine that help lower cholesterol -- such as diet and exercise. My favorites were the recipies, food alternatives and and elastic exercise rope.  My medical condition will probably never improve enough to be able to stop taking cholerestol medicine, but my doctor recently said that my cholesterol was 'perfect' and I passed the stress test with flying colors. I have not experienced any side effects with Crestor as I did with another statin drug.  Since there is no generic equivalent for Crestor, I pay a higher co-pay. (AstraZeneca also as part of their cholesterol management program also has a coupon card that reduces the co-pay for me.) In effect, as far as Crestor is concerned, I am a happy camper!  I am giving 4-stars because I am currently on COBRA, and am quite concerned about what will happen if that program ends and I am still unemployed.


Palm Desert, CA


Crestor is saving my life!


In July 2007 I underwent open heart surgery consisting of five bypasses.  I am a 38 year old mother of two with a genetic condition called hypercholesterolemia.  My body produces too much cholesterol no matter what kind of diet I stick to.  Through the years, I have watched my family go through numerous heart surgeries and deaths because there was no medication on the market designed to combat the genetic scope of high cholesterol.  After my surgery, I was put on 20 mgs. of Crestor a day, with absolutely amazing results!  My total cholesterol, which had ALWAYS been over 400, has now come down to an acceptable range (below 200).  Thank you Crestor!  Hopefully, I will live a long happy life with the help of Crestor!  


Glasgow, KY


Trusting my doctor I should be on this


My doctors were not concerned about my cholesterol when I was 26, 125 pounds and it was over 300 points.  Now that I'm a little older they are all concerned and have tried me on several medications to lower it.  Last count was 185 or so, but I gues that isn't as good as they would like it.  I do not like taking medicine, and I think it is this Crestor that has my legs hurting at night.  Doctor has added Zetia to the pile of pills he wants me on, also.  With heart disease in the family, I don't see how a pill can stop what is going to happen because of my blood line anyhow.


Antwerp, OH



4.0 9