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Zocor Simvastatin

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Not worth the Side Effect!


I'm fairly inexperienced with the cholesterol phenomenon, but I trusted my (new) doctor and tried Zocor. Within 1 hour of taking the tablet, I was nauseous and had some stomach pain. Within 2 hours, I was doubled over with abdominal pain, vomiting and crying. This went on for the next 9 hours, with my husband and I torn between going to the emergency room and "waiting it out." My pharmacist warned me to take the medication at bedtime, as it may cause "upset stomach." I thought that by taking it with dinner at 5:00 p.m., I'd be "safe." I became sick and weak, sweating and chilled, and dry heaving till 3:00 in the morning. Finally, my stomach settled down enough to get some sleep. For 4 days afterward, my abdomen was tender and I was still fighting nausea. When I looked online at other reviews, I saw many, many people had written about joint pain and illness. I also saw great reviews, but I personally will never take this medication again.


Twin Lakes, WI


Generic Zocor has effectively lowered my cholesterol to acceptab


About 3 years ago, in a routine screening, my doctor discovered that my cholesterol was quite high along with my triglycerides. He ordered some additional blood work to determine a course of treatment.  He then recommended the Simvastatin that I have been taking ever since. My cholesterol has lowered to acceptable levels. He also recommended a 25 pound weight loss, which I have also accomplished. I am grateful to my doctor and for the pharmacutical company that produces my medication. I will continue on this same regimen unless my doctor indicates that it is no longer necessary.


Radford, VA


Simvastatin I am taking for high cholesteral my points are down


I do like taking simvastatin for my cholesteral. Before taking this I wasn't on a cholesteral medication and when the doctor decided to check to see where my count was, I got a phone call to tell me I needed to start on a medication and this was the one he wanted me on. Now my points have went down is all I know other than he likes what he sees and I have been told that I have to stay on the medication in order to keep my points down. I don't mind as long as it is working. You also must remember that you have to stay on a diet too in order to help with keeping the points down. I just watch everything in order that I don't have to have any more problems with my cholesteral because I would love to be able to not take it anymore. This problem runs in my family a lot so staying on the medication is most likely the only way I can keep it under control.   This is a thumbs up medication for anyone whom wants to take this for your cholesteral. You might want to sit down with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure you understand everything about the medication before taking.


Lafayette, IN


I'm undecided on Zocor Simvastatin tho my cholesterol is lower


  My Doctor prescribed Zocor Simvastatin for me aprox. 3 years ago. I have been taking Zocor Simvastatin ever since. I was warned by my Doctor that the Zocor Simvastatin would cause muscle aches. I was already having some muscle aches before I started taking the Zocor Simvastatin and the Zocor Simvastatin just seemed to aggravate the problem.    Another side effect of the Zocor Simvastatin is that it makes me hungry and you are not supposed to eat after taking the Zocor Simvastatin.     As far as if the Zocor Simvastatin is actually helping or not, my Cholesterol has been in a good range according to my Doctor yet I recently was diagnosed with having some blockage in a couple of ventricles in my heart.     So I am undecided at this point as to how effective the Zocor Simvastatin is in lowering Cholesterol and preventing Heart Disease.      I have never tried any other prescription for High Cholesterol so I have nothing to compare the Zocor Simvastatin to.


Bartlesville, OK


Made my heart skip!


I was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat in 2004 and placed on medication that controls it. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol in May of 2008, started taking Simvastatin and 3 days later was in the emergency room having to undergo surgery to have my gall bladder out. Could have been coincidence but was real leary about taking it again. Once I recovered from surgery, I went back on Simvastatin and ended up with more complications. This time my heart began to beat even more irregular than normal, even on my regular heart medication.  I called my primary physician since her office was the one that put me on this medication, scheduled an appointment, and began to try to diagnose what was causing the problem. I thought about getting more sleep, watching caffeine, eliminating stress, but I was already doing this. I thought about the Simvastatin and decided to go off of it. I saw my primary physician the same day and she referred me to my cardiologist. By the time I went to my cardiologist, I had not taken Simvastatin for 2 days, I was almost back to normal. They could not explain what happened. I will not take Simvastatin again. The heart doctor tried to get me to take it again just to make sure, but I didn't want to do it. My husband does take Simvastatin for his high cholesterol with no complications at all! Would I recommend it? No! I am not a doctor, but I know what I went through.


Des Moines, IA


Put Me in the Hospital


I was taking this medicine and began to get muscle aches.  It ended up giving me rhadomyolysis.  It attacked my heart and made me feel like I was having a heart attack.  This was over two years ago and my heart blood levels are still not where they should be.  Be careful with this medicine.


Houston, TX


Zocor has unpleasant side effects


I tried Zocor since Lipitor is so expensive.  After taking it for 6 weeks, I started noticing that I was seriously bloated, had muscle pains, and a general feeling of yuck.   I stopped the Zocor and after one day I felt amazingly better.  I'll be taking Lipitor again...


Verona, PA


Zocor Simvastatin

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