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Lovaza Omega-3 Fish Oil Prescription Medicine

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Lovaza is not fish oil


Lovaza is not fish oil and is constantly being described incorrectly. This has caused consumers to purchase drug-store or supermarket fish oil brands thinking they can accomplish the same medicinal properties. Lovaza is made by boiling refined fish oil with ethanol with NaOH or HCl to produce fatty acid ethyl esters. You can read the patent number: 5,502,077.

Key West, FL


Excellent results lowering my cholosterol to normal range


Starting in Oct. 2005, I had to have a stent after taking a stress test. March of 2006 I had to have heart cath which lead to open heart - one by-pass surgery. I was allowed to return to work but by May of 2006 I was taken to the emergency room. They did another heart cath showing that I needed at least a triple by-pass and rushed me back to Emory Crawford Long in Atlanta where the first surgery was preform due to insurance. I was allowed to return to work but could only make it 4 hours some times and then go to the point where I could not even work. I again had a heart cath and was told that I had a horrible system and needed at least another triple by-paa. My cardiologist here in Columbus presented my case to the Board of Cardiologist here in Columbus and also rest my records with results back to the doctor that preformed my first two surgeries. He waited 6 weeks to respond to her and when he did he said if I needed more surgery I would have to find another doctor. My Cardiologist had at that time already presented my case and a young doctor at St. Francis Hospital said he felt that he could help me. Nov. 13, 2006 I had a re-do by-pass. It seems that my veins or arteries were either too weak or not straight enough. Dr. Travis spent much time mapping the veins in my legs and studying my records from Atlanta and Dr. Chhokar. He scheduled a day where he had no other patient to set aside for my surgery. After praying with me and my family, he prepaired as the staff prepared me for surgery. It took him 14 hours but had very good results. He and Dr. Chhokar had me on all possible medications I could be on and I had discussed taking fish oil. She was pleased that I wanted to take fish oil and informed me that she prefered that I take Lovaza which is a prescription Amega 3 that was the puriest anyone could take. I had taken it for almost a year when my family doctor sent me for routine lab work. He put a big circle around my over all cholorestal results and a big Happy Face. It was 168 and I was so very glad to hear this. I still have problems with angina and failing veins but would recommend Lovasa to anyone with Cholosteral problems. I hope one day that it will be come a generic so my cost will be less.

Columbus, GA


It Works!


After having a problem with statin drugs, my doctor decided to try Lovaza. I was afraid of a fishy taste, but no, nothing. As a matter of fact, I have had no side effects at all, and I've been on this over two years. I swallow two capsules after each meal (no more than 6 a day) and my triglycerides have really dropped, and I just feel better. I've heard this drug is great for your skin, arthritis and joints, and I believe it. When I had the prescription filled, I asked my pharmacist why this is so expensive and why I couldn't just use a fish oil that is sold over the counter? He explained that Lovaza is highly concentrated and pure. It is not full of preservatives like the OTC's usually are. You are gettng a full, pure dose of Omega-3 fish oil. My doctor is thrilled with the results, and I am so glad to be able to take something that is actually good for me and is not full of chemicals and preservatives, and actually works! I only wish all my medications were like Lovaza!

Gurnee, IL


I would highly recommend Lovaza in lowering cholesteral


My phisician switched me to Lovasa a year and a half ago. Both she and I were very pleased with the results. I had tried regular fish oil previous to the switch. The first thing I noticed was the lack of belching and tasting fish. Which was a major turn off from the previous medication. I really hated that. Plus it didn't seem to upset my stomach nearly as much. After a period of about eight months I returned to my physician for a check up and to have blood work done to check on my progress. My triglicerides went from being in the seven hundred and fifty range to being around two hundred. I am very proud to say that my cholesteral was at one-hundred and seventy five. One of the only changes I had made was the Lovaza. I had been taking a statin and watching my diet before the switch. But I and my physician both agree that the switch to Lovaza from fish oil was the extra step I needed to combat high cholesteral and high triglicerides.

Dayton, OH


The only fish oil I have taken without an allergic reaction


I have a long history of high cholesterol and high triglycerides.  My doctor has tried statins and other medications, but I have had bad side effects from all of them.  Then he recommended trying fish oil.  I tried several over-the-counter brands of fish oils, but had rashes and allergic reactions to each (just as I have allergic reactions to eating ocean fishes).  As a last resort (because of the relative cost), my doctor prescribed Lovaza.  I have been on this medication for four months and have not had a single allergic symptom.  The medication has slowly lowered my trigyceride levels.  Although other people have reported negative side effects, I have not had any, except for an unpleasant "burp" of the fishy oil.  I experimented, and found that I do not even get this side effect if I am careful to stay upright (sitting or standing) for about 40 minutes after taking the pills.  For those people who cannot tolerate over the counter fish oils, I recommend at least trying this medication.

New Virginia, IA


Lovaza Omega-3 Fish Oil Prescription Medicine

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