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RCA - DVD Player

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These things are complicated


Bought this item about 5 months ago, I wanted to dvd movies of my grandkids from old vhs tapes before they degraded any worse than they were.  I got a good deal on this one and bought it.  Brought it home and could not figure out no matter how hard I tried how to hook it up.  I had some done and my son walked in and hooked up the rest.  Very difficult for me to pre program, not hard to record movies on to dvd, but I am in my 60's so had to figure it out or let it sit and I am not wasting money so I figured it out, the hardest thing was how to do all the things required to see the movie, but I figured that out too.  Ha ha women can do it!

Shelby, OH


Very Solid DVD Player Capable of So Much...


I went out looking for a cheap replacement dvd player for the bedroom and was pleasantly surprised to walk home with this. One of the major selling features of this player is its ability to player pretty much both mpeg and avi encoded files. That mean if you have one of the popular divx or xvid encoded avi files, you are good to go on this player. In fact, I test it out by ripping a couple of the titles from my dvd collection into divx encoded avi and they all play flawlessly on this RCA player. The controls and functions are pretty straightforward so there is not much complaining there. The orange display may take a little getting used to since most displays nowadays are rolling out in bright blue led. Its build quality is solid as I have own the player for well over 3 years now without any issue. It's not pretty and it won't shock you with any awe-inspiring features. However, having the ability to play avi movies directly on a disc added great functionality to this already excellent pricing dvd player. Two thumbs up without a doubt!!!

Houston, TX


Our RCA DVD Player only lasted months


We are now on our third DVD player. I don't know why they just don't last for us. Right now we are using the RCA DVD player and it is on its death bed. We have had it less than a year. It worked great at first and we thought we had finally found a DVD player that was going to work properly. Well we were wrong. It started out with us out a disc into the player and it telling us there was no disc. We tried and tried and it would not load any of our disc. A few days later it worked just fine. The next problem we had was that it would play the movies but you could only hear the background noises and not the characters speaking (yes everything was hooked up correctly). A few days later it was back to normal. Now our problem is that when you put a disc in and push the close button the tray goes in and then comes right back out, over and over. It won't stop. You have to turn the DVD player off for it to quit. This has been a real disappointment considering how much DVD players cost.

Rainbow City, AL


RCA - DVD Player

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